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Dr Rositsa Koleva Dr Rositsa Koleva

Laser Dental Centre Dr Rositsa Koleva is among the leading places where you can quickly, effectively and under the care of a highly qualified specialist and the latest technologies you can change your smile. Dr Rositsa Koleva tells more.

What are the latest trends in teeth alignment?

Lingual brackets are one of the newest and increasingly popular methods for invisible teeth alignment. Placed on the backside of the teeth, they are linked with bows which align the teeth in new position in days, weeks and months. The brackets are invisible for the people around and the patient is aware of them only in the first stages of the treatment. After this, the lingual brackets become a part of him and don't interfere with the speaking or eating. In my practice, I use Forestadent 2D Lingual System.

You are among the pioneers of implantology in Bulgaria. What defines the successful implantation?

Osseointegration is in the basis of successful implantation, this is the process where the implant surface connects with the bone. Osseointegration provides the ability for long-term stress on the implant, as in a natural tooth, for decades, without complications. The implant can be set through surgical section, or without cuts, transgingivally.

Laser Dental Centre Dr Rositsa KolevaThe transgingival implantation of single implants has the great advantage of having painless post-surgery recovery and the ability to eat straight after. The patient leaves the office with a new tooth immediately after the surgery. The application of a high-energy laser during the implantation provides sterility, lack of trauma and safety in the result of the treatment. The correct planning, the analysis of the digital scanner and the use of individual surgical ruler provide precise positioning in the bone at optimal space from the neighbouring teeth and the anatomical features.

Modern implantology provides the ability for implantation immediately after the extraction of a tooth. This method restores the aesthetics of the smile immediately and also protects the bone from atrophy, when it shrinks and loses its aesthetic looks. In Laser Dental Centre Dr Rositsa Koleva, we use transgingival implantation with the help of the high-energy laser Lite Touch, German Q implants Trinon titanium and Swiss Ihde implants.

What if the patient doesn't have enough bone tissue?

In such cases, implantation can be performed with two methods. The first one is bone grafting, followed by osseointegration and implantation. The most popular clinical procedures for bone grafting are sinus lift, lateral bone augmentation, horizontal bone augmentation. The second option is without osseointegration, with the use of basal implants, that are fixed on the periaxis of the maxillary sinus, the floor of the nasal cavity, the periaxis of the lower jaw.

Laser Dental Centre Dr Rositsa Koleva

When implanting is not possible?

There are instances when implantation is contraindicated, but they are absolute and relative. Implantation is impossible in patients with osteoporosis, bone malignancies, during treatment with bisphosphonates. The relative contraindications include diabetes, smoking, teeth grinding, gum conditions and others. In such cases, additional treatment is performed in order to make implantation possible.

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