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Ellie Dimova, CEO Ellie Dimova, CEO

Ellie Dimova, CEO, on what makes the company a reliable partner to all who seek how to train their employees to become engaged leaders

Wilson Learning Bulgaria has been on the Bulgarian market for 9 years now. What is the recapitulation?

Wilson Learning was founded in the US in 1965 by Larry Wilson, an incredibly successful insurance salesman and talented motivator. He created his first programme for development of sales skills, becoming the pioneer of the "consultancy approach" in sales. Wilson Learning Bulgaria keeps up with this heritage and mission, and in 2015 we celebrated our ninth year on the local market and the 50th jubilee of the corporation. Since its establishment in 2006, Wilson Learning Bulgaria has become a leading company with good reputation and vision for the future, aiming to maintain high standard of culture, behaviour and know how on the success and wellbeing of our clients.

Your activity is spread in a number of fields. Which are the most common needs of the business?

The successful managers seek to built and maintain the stability of their business. Our consultants work in all fields of the industry, which gives them the opportunity to observe the dynamics and the changes in a given sector, and the market as a whole. That is why each company needs managers who are able to observe their business, to foresee its needs and to find relevant solutions. This is our greatest responsibility to our clients – using our business, consulting experience, leading know how and solutions that can evaluate and develop the human potential in accordance to the need of the business environment. Working together with our clients, we build employees who are stable in the new business reality and hyper dynamics, regardless of the position they take – management, sales, production, finance, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.

What employees an organisations needs in order to become a leader?

The company needs to develop leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, adaptive thinking, communication and realised self, which in their part will develop engaged employees.

After so many changes and instability, many employees feel detached from their companies. So, the business strategies needs to be renewed, and all the efforts should be concentrated to a crucial truth: the success of a company is in the hands of each of its employees. The experience of Wilson Learning shows that individual effectiveness and the success of a person are more than the sum of their technical and professional abilities. For the development of a good employee, four key components are crucial. Work Talent is the knowledge and skills; Communication with a Goal is the ability to adapt and share ideas without putting the personal relations at risk; the Inspired Thinking is the ability to see the situation from different points of view and to generate new ideas; and the Realised Self is the ability to maintain personal values and principles. We have developed solutions in the spheres of leadership and individual effectiveness, that build over the work talent and make the difference between the effective and the highly effective employee.

Which of the Wilson Learning Bulgaria's trainings are the most popular?

We specialise in building up of leader, managerial and sales efficiency, client service, team compatibility, individual development. Our approach is individual and holistic, and the trainings reflect the characteristics of each organisation we are working with. The solutions for managerial and sales efficiency are the most sought after. In the past few years, on focus are also solutions connected to employees engagement, entrepreneur behaviour, management of change, build up of team compatibility and synergy, management of key clients, and solutions in individual efficiency, coaching, projects management.

What tools for evaluation does Wilson Learning Bulgaria use?

We specialise in helping organisations to conform their human resource with their vision, strategy and culture. Our leading role in this direction is based on our rich experience combined with the use of one of the most avant-garde tools and methodology for evaluation of human resources. As a result, our clients select and hire the best staff; they develop leader behaviours resulting in better business; engage and motivate their staff. Our instruments's portfolio is constantly increasing in accordance to our clients' needs and the market trends. Our solutions can be applied to both single solution or part of a complex evaluation processes. Examples for this are our Evaluation for management and leader potential; Individual evaluation on high management; Evaluation of sales skills; Reallocation evaluation.

We believe that change begins from within and that focus should be on motives and values, as well as on skills and techniques. We also use one of the best tools for identification of employees with high potential: management development, leader development, career planning and development.

Wilson Learning Bulgaria
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