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Jasmina Tal, director of Adrio Consulting Jasmina Tal, director of Adrio Consulting

Jasmina Tal, director of Adrio Consulting, on the Impossible Markets – conference dedicated to cross-cultural differences – and why knowing foreign cultures can boost your business

Why Adrio Consulting decided to start the Impossible Markets conference?

Our company strives to provide the managers in Bulgaria and abroad with innovative and relevant content, to help them be more successful. Bulgaria has its fair share of business and management events, but there was a lack of anything concerning the topic of cross-cultural differences. The topic can be crucial for anyone who wants to start a business in a foreign country, in a global environment, or has a multinational staff, for instance. If someone decides to go to a course or a training on cross-cultural differences, it's usually related to specific culture, it's made for people who are expats moving from one country to another, or there is a strict definition what kind of culture they cover, for example for a Western manager going to an Eastern country.

In Adrio Consulting we wanted to make an event which is not based solely on theory. Knowing the theory is great, but listening to people with experience and learning from their mistakes and victories is even more precious. So, we decided to have a conference with practitioners who are eager to share their experience. As for the participants, we managed to attract not only Bulgarian, but also leading professionals from abroad. The first two editions of Impossible Markets (2014 and 2015) were both very successful and we received highly positive feedback and currently we are preparing the third edition, expected in April, 2016.

What is the general program of Impossible Markets?

The first day is dedicated to presentations by managers from all industries. There is a networking event in the evening, and on the next day we have workshops and discussions. The most valuable thing of Impossible Markets is the sharing of information in a global event. In 2015, the conference included CEOs, marketing managers, business development managers, consultants, HR managers from the UK, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, and Bulgaria. We are glad that the second edition of the conference is supported by the British Bulgarian Business Association, by the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania, and by other partnering organizations. We are happy to see many people from the 2014 conference back to Impossible Markets 2015 – as participants or even speakers.

Why the knowledge on the cross-cultural differences is important?

Markets are made of people, and the people in different parts of the world have different cultures. You need to understand people in order to make your business work. Of course, knowing the cross-cultural differences doesn't mean that one has to know all the cultures and all the differences. What we do in Impossible Markets is to help the participants realize that they can understand others better. And by culture, I don't mean only nations and religion. In business, whole industries have their own cultures and sometimes gaps between two organization cultures are even deeper than they are between two countries. In some cases the type of business culture transcends the national borders. Still we need to understand that if an individual or a company is unable or unwilling to try to communicate with a company with different culture, his business is doomed to troubles and limited results. Being open and able to communicate with different people or companies often results with higher achievements and in business – with more clients.

Can you single out a difference between Bulgarian business culture and Western one?

There are many Bulgarian companies working with foreign partners, and many international companies based here. Actually, I think that Sofia is quite cosmopolitan these days. There is, of course, certain cultural difference, but the biggest problem comes from the expectations we have about each other, we expect more differences than actually exist. Similar businesses are more likely to have similar culture in Bulgaria and in the western world. The same way our culture influences the businesses, we may say that the business development brings changes to our culture as well.

Besides Impossible Markets, what does Adrio Consulting do?

Our core activity is organizational development consulting. We do diagnostics and analysis of the weak and strong points of an organization as well as its functions and processes. Our mission is to partner companies in achieving their goals through increasing their teams’ effectiveness, improving existing or implementing new processes and practices.

We work together with the client, as partners, and have rich experience in knowing their business from the inside. This is one of our strengths – all professionals of Adrio Consulting are organizational psychologists with a vast experience as HRs and managers in international and local companies in different industries. Knowing the businesses of our clients from the inside we are able to give them reliable advice, tailor-made solutions and tools to apply directly in their situation.

We also provide tailor made training solutions in leadership and managerial skills, HRM, conflict solving, customer relations management and other soft skills based on our own Adrio methodology that comes from our rich experience.

Sofia, 6 Vasil Levski Blvd

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