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The popular stylist Ivaylo Kolev about the secret of success, the happiness to find your life vocation and the skill to connect with your clients

You did the hairstyle of Andrea pop singer for her upcoming music video and you are indeed the hottest young name in hairstyling in Bulgaria. How did you achieve this success?

I have been a coiffeur for 10 years, so, I am hardly among the youngest in my profession. But it's true that I am popular. For being successful in your work, passion for what you do is the most important thing. Sofia is the home of many world-class coiffeurs, and I am happy to be a part of this group. I have always told, that my success lies in my motivation to create aesthetics and beauty. Hairstyling is the vocation of my life!

Stylist Ivaylo Kolev

Alisia's hairstyle is called Choko, has several varieties and the hottest trend of the summer

Tell us more on your creative process. What is leading - fashion, your client's desires or your personal inspiration and eye?

My clients' desires always come first! Of course, in the process of styling a mutual trust appears and with the time they leave me to take the lead. I am the man who offers them the latest trends, according to what will fit their personalities. I want to thank them for the trust they have in me.

What is the secret of beautiful smile?

I am the secret. And my beautiful clients. I am offering here the latest fashion trends in hairstyles, presented by my biggest muses, Alisia and Zlatka Raykova.

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