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Healthy teeth are crucial for having a smile to remember, but Dr Doychin Angelov from Beautiful Smile Dental Studio knows that health is only the beginning.

Besides individuality, more is needed in the pursuit for the perfect smile – a professional dentist with artistic talent, the latest technologies in dentistry, and care for the skin of the face and the neck. You will find all of these in Beautiful Smile Dental Studio. Dr Angelov tells us more.

What is the beautiful smile for you?

The most important thing in a smile is the natural looks. As a professional, I know that the beautiful smile should match the form of the lips and the face, and should fit the criteria which have been built through the years by famed and experienced dentists. The personal charm we want to achieve with the new smile is also crucial – it could be feminine or masculine, aggressive or tender.

What is the creation of a new, beautiful smile – an art or a science?

The modern dentist is a combination of several professions: he is a doctor, an engineer, an artist. Nurturing these skills over the years, the true professional is able to achieve results which are extremely close to the nature. So, art is integral part of dentistry. It allows us to create something beautiful, which will improve the health and the looks of each patient. This is the way to the dentist to feel satisfied from his work.

How does the aesthetic dentistry procedure go in Beautiful Smile? What materials do you use? How do you treat amalgam fillings and what is the result?

Our studio is devoted to the so-called metal-free dentistry. It achieves high biological tolerance, aesthetics and teeth functionality which can be compared only to natural teeth. In our studio we obligatory remove the amalgam fillings, as it is proven that the metal has negative impact on the human organism because of its high level of mercury and other heavy metals. We replace these old fillings with the so-called artistic restoration using latest generation of nanocomposite materials. The result looks extremely natural.

Beautiful Smile Dental StudioTell us more about the artistic tooth restoration? When it is recommended?

The artistic tooth restoration restores the tooth tissue in its aesthetic parameters. It allows the restoration not only of the shape and functionality of a tooth, but also of its natural solidity and the relief of the tooth surface which is crucial for effective chewing. At the end of the process, the tooth looks as it has never had any defects. This gives our patients the best of the modern dentistry. The method can be applied to any tooth, even to ones which have been destroyed to an stage that they were covered with a crown.

What is the difference with implants?

Dental implants are the best way for restoration of missing teeth. Today, implantology is among the most successful medical procedures. With implants, especially in more specific cases, the attention to small details is what defines the complete success of the procedure. Implantation is a routine procedure when there is a clear protocol for treatment and everything is written down: the damaged teeth which need replacement, the easiest and most secure replacement method for the patient, the prognosis for successful integration, or ossification, of the implant. I want to be clear, that when everything is carefully planned and the risks are evaluated, the procedure is completely routine and with predictable results. In 99.9 percent of the cases everything goes smoothly and the patient is happy. I can say, that implantology nowadays gives birth to a new world, opens new alternatives and brings sincere smiles and hope to everyone who have lost one or more teeth. The success of the healing result of our implants can be best judged as the time passes. Our desire is that our implants serve our clients as well as their natural teeth.

Beautiful Smile Dental Studio is also specialising in skin fillers for achieving young look. What are the advantages of the fillers? In which parts of the face and the body are they applied, and what is the result?

The greatest benefits of the fillers are the immediate effect and the fact that they are an alternative to cosmetic surgery. The filling is a single procedure with durable results spanning 6 to 12 months. It can be combined with rejuvenation procedures and doesn't require preliminary preparation. You can have your filler anytime in the year, there are no seasonal restrictions.

Most often, fillers are used for providing more volume and shape of the lips, for filling of surface and deep wrinkles. They are also used in shaping of the nose, the cheekbones, and the chin, and for filling of scars.

Fillers work best when combined with Botox. Botox is used when the mimic wrinkles need smoothening – on the neck, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and the lips. The procedure can completely change the face, erasing the tired look and the traces of ageing. One of the most popular effects is the control over sweating of the face, the forehead, the underarms and the palms of the hands. The injection of the toxin lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, the effect is visible after 2 to 5 days, and endures for about 6 months. The effect of each following injection lasts for longer.

Sofia, 23 Tvardishki Prohod St, floor 5, office 18, phone: 0879 172 347

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