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Change your eating habits, to achieve complete change, says Emiliya Milusheva from Healthy People Club

What is Healthy People?

Healthy Peopleis a club which aims people to understand, that contemporary lifestyle has turned them into robots, who go to work, came back home, eat whatever there is - and their health suffers from it. Modern people lead simultaneously very stressful and very sedentary live. Contemporary eating habits don't give the organism what it really needs. Healthy People is a place where you learn how to change your eating habits, how to be more physically active and at the end, how to be healthier.

So,Healthy People is not only about overweight people?

No, the number of people in need of help is bigger. Even young women with flawless appearance can actually suffer from invisible eating problems, as the result of bad eating habits. Obesity is only partially genetically coded, to a greater extent it is the result of unhealthy eating, which has been passed from generation to generation in a given family. With a little help from us, this can be changed.

Emiliya MilushevaHow do you decide on who needs your help?

The visit atHealthy People begins with the Wellness Test with the high-technological Japanese bioelectric apparatus Tanita. It helps us to evaluate the body mass index of the client, and the proportion of the fats, muscles and water in his body. Then we identify the problems he needs to solve in order to be healthy.

How the 13-week programme of Healthy People helps for the achievement of physical health?

The programme was developed in the USA and is known as the Weight Loss Challenge. It is targeted not only to overweight people, but also to seemingly fit people in whose Tanita has recognised worrying percentage of "hidden" fats on the internal organs, or other problems. The Weight Loss Challenge is a programme where in the span of 13 weeks the participants go to 13 meetings with the so-called support group, where they share their problems and goals. On these meetings they learn the basis of healthy eating, the good food groups and the foods they must avoid. On 13 additional meetings, each of the participants can discuss further with his personal coach and consultant. The consultant creates individual eating plan, and the results of the regular check ups with Tanita are being read.

How is this regime different from traditional diets?

We don't tolerate hunger. We know, that healthy eating is the most important for the health, the lose of weight is a side result. In each, who have went through the Weight Loss Challenge, healthy eating becomes a life-long habit. As a result, there is no the yo-yo effect which usually follows the ordinary diets. Our clients keep the weight they have acquired during the 13-week programme. And the results are visible from the photos they send us afterwards.

You must be very happy to see them?

Yes, I am a happy person. Because I see the inner light of satisfaction which beams our clients after each visit.

Sofia, 6 Veslets St
phohe: 0894 365 769

Healthy People

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