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The young flock to the sea capital of Bulgaria attracted by the high-technology education, the modern amenities and the experienced professors

In the past three years the number of foreign students in the English-language programmes of Medical University – Varna has grown three times. The tradition of education of foreigners at the university is long, and 6 years ago started the English-language programmes in Medicine and Dental Medicine, covering the complete 6-year course of education. The foreign students in the University are almost 900, from 43 countries; about two thirds are from Western Europe. The most numerous are the students from Germany (40 percent), the UK (10 percent), Greece and Cyprus (7-8 percent), Sweden and Spain (5 percent each). The number of students from the US, Norway, Portugal, Austria is rising. In 2015, for the first time the University welcomed students from Ireland, Finland, Dеnmark, Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg. There are also students from Yemen, Egypt, Kuwait, Brazil, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, Israel.

The entrance is according the state regulation, as medicine and dentistry are state regulated professions. The candidates from the EU apply under the same conditions as their Bulgarian pairs, with entrance exams. For youths from outside the EU, the entrance is in accordance with the state regulations. The annual fee for the English language programmes in Medicine and Dental Medicine is 8,000 euros.

The alumni of the Medical University – Varna find successful realisation in Europe and their home countries. Their diplomas are recognised by all European countries.

Medical University VarnaMedical University Professor Dr Paraskev Stoyanov – Varna is one of the most modern higher education schools in Bulgaria, offering competitive programmes for education of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, specialists in health care, medical staff. At the university, the classical methods of teaching are skilfully combined with modern technologies. Using mobile technologies, the future medics can use a range of digital textbooks and additional materials, which help them to reassert and test what they have learnt, and to evaluate it. This is possible thanks to the Blackboard platform for additional education used by leading universities in the US, the UK and other countries. From 2015, the university is also applying the Turning Point Technology, the most advanced system for current evaluation of the degree of mastering of what is being taught in class. The medical students in Varna can also study the human anatomy via interactive methods and 3D technologies. The virtual microscopy allows them to study microscope slides with optimal image quality. Simulation education for medical students will soon be implemented, giving the students the opportunity to integrate the clinical in the pre-clinical education in an even earlier stage of their training.

The 3D training in anatomy for future physicians, which is the most modern in the Balkans; the university dentistry centre; and the building of a new and modern building for the future pharmacists, are only a part of the advantages of Medical University – Varna.

Medical University VarnaThe university also offers to its students modern environment with unlimited opportunities for development: high-technology laboratories and amenities; library with electronic reading rooms and access to the best international data bases; modern sport facilities and professional coaches in football, basketball, volleyball and tennis; repetition hall for the university rock band, the theatre company and the folklore dance company.

The young physicians have the opportunity to gain practical experience and to specialise, while learning from the best specialists in one of the most modern and technologically advanced hospitals in Bulgaria – University Complex Hospital for Active Treatment St Marina, Varna. It is the biggest consultative, diagnostic and treatment university centre in north-east Bulgaria, helping patients from all over the country. The hospital has over 1,200 beds, modern equipment, and highly qualified staff of university professors and national and regional consultants. It is the only high-technology hospital in north-east Bulgaria for treatment of the most severe illnesses, including oncological.

St Marina Hospital has the most advanced radiotherapeutic centre in Bulgaria, with two high-end linear accelerators. The radiotherapy clinic is a part of the Oncological and Radiotherapeutic Centre, with also has clinics for chemotherapy and hematology. St Marina Hospital also has clinics for medical imaging, and children's oncohematology. All of this allows to the Varna university hospital to apply a complex approach for successful treatment of oncological diseases, which includes three medical methods: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.

The clinics for cardiology and cardiosurgery; neurosurgery; general surgery; orthopedy and traumatology; children's endocrinology; oral and facial surgery; children's pulmonology; allergology; and psychiatry are also among the leaders in Bulgaria.

St Marina Hospital VarnaThe hospital has a developed diagnostics complex with offices, general clinical laboratory and highly specialised medical and diagnostics laboratories, a centre for medical imaging, a centre for clinical pathology and forensics centre. There are performed high-quality medical imaging; all sorts of laboratory, microbiological, virusological, immunological, allergological and morphological tests; invasive and interventional cardiology, pulmonology and neurology; endocrinology (diabetic foot), invasive study of all organs of the excretory and the gastrointestinal systems; endoscopic diagnostics and treatment, including Nd-YAG laser therapy of benign and malign tumours; rehabilitation programmes with physical therapy, and treatment with natural geothermal water; screening tests and many others.

The achievement of high quality and optimal effect in diagnostics and treatment of the patients is the main goal of the team of the hospital. St Marina Varna is the first hospital in Bulgaria which has been granted a certificate for quality management in accordance with the requirements and standards of the EFQM, the European Foundation of Quality Management. After acquiring second level, in 2014, the hospital received a 3-star certificate for quality management "Recognised for Excellence", the highest possible rank.

St Marina Hospital – Varna
Varna, 1 Hristo Smirnenski Blvd
phone: 052/30-28-51 (up to 55) operator

Medical University – Varna
Varna, 55 Prof Marin Drinov St
phone: 052 677 050

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