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Dr Branimir Kirilov Dr Branimir Kirilov

Implants are becoming increasingly popular method for permanent solution of dental problems, but when you are looking for help, choose experienced professionals.

Dr Branimir Kirilov from theMedical Dent Centre for Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry is one of the leading implantologists in Bulgaria and continues to master his skills.

How do you sustain your professional level of knowledge and the high quality standard at Medical Dent?

Implantology is the fastest developing field in dentistry in the past 20 years, and the novelties in it brought about new methods for treatment, which were impossible before. But implantology asks for complex knowledge and experience in diverse fields of dentistry – surgery, periodontology, prosthetics. I have graduated in dentistry and medicine. The combination of these two educations and the surgery experience I gained in my 10 years of work and teaching at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University – Sofia, gave me the opportunity to become implantology specialist. I have 15 years of experience with dental implants and over 5,500 successful implant placements. Each year I attend leading world specialists and implantology congresses, and lead courses and traineeships to Bulgarian implantologists. So far, my students are more than 150.

Which are the advantages of implants before other prosthetic methods?

With dental implants we can treat patients who have lost a single toot, a group of or all of their teeth. There are several advantages.

When reconstructing single missing teeth, we can spare the neighbouring healthy teeth from filing. We have more and better opportunities to preserve the mouth hygiene, in comparison with the classical bridge. When treating patients with a missing group of teeth, the implants are the only possibility to replace the movable prosthesis with a fixed bridge, and to secure that the usage feels comfortable.

HowMedical Dent takes care that treatment goes smoothly?

In Medical Dent, we pay special attention to each stage of the treatment. We start treatment only after careful planning, together with the patient. This gives us the opportunity to create a detailed treatment plan and to be aware of each procedure from the very beginning. This gives the patients comfort and opportunity to plan the cost of the treatment.

How should the patient take care of his or her implants?

Taking care of the implants is like taking care of natural teeth: maintenance with very good hygiene, with toothbrush and tooth paste, dental floss, mouthwash. I recommend regular check ups, with a frequency in accordance of the patient's condition. Patients with periodontitis should visit the dentist 3-4 times a year, for control of bone loss. InMedical Dent we take care of the check ups of our patients and remind them when they are due.

In 2015, Medical Dent celebrates 10 years since its founding. How do you see the clinic after 10 more years?

We strive that each year we offer even better service and quality of treatment. From this year on, for example, we are giving 10-year warranty to everything we make, and 50-year warranty to our implant treatment. We also invest a lot in new equipment and the training of the staff.

Sofia, 114 James Bourchier Blvd

phone: 02 963 07 37

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