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A beautiful Sofia morning in the 1930s. The crystal clear bell chant of the St Aleksandr Nevskiy Cathedral awakes the capital, the sun shines from the church's gilt domes: Good morning, beautiful Sofia! Good morning to the gentleman leaving his home in a hurry; to the elegant ladies, meeting the new day among the flower beds of the Doctor's Garden; to the chatty group of students hurrying on Shipka Street towards the Sofia University.

That's what a typical morning looked like in this emblematic Sofia region a little less than a century ago – colourful, calm, surrounded by architecture in line with the spirit of Europe of the early 20th Century.

Today,FIRST ESTATES offers you a walk in this beautiful, truly Sofia region – the wonderful Doctor's Garden, an astonishing urban dendrarium, surrounded by the emblematic Oborishte and the artsy Shipka streets.

At the heart of the walk is the Doctor's Garden, a beautiful space designed as a dendrarium with plants typical of the early 1930; it has embraced the name of the military monument at its centre.

Sofia University The quiet alleys of the Doctor's Garden seem to sink into the tranquillity of the greenness and tree shades; the cosy benches, situated among intertwining rose bushes, contribute to the charm of the park. The lapidarium offers yet another opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and grandeur of times long gone, when Sofia was called Serdica and was a major Roman city. The recent renovation of the garden not only brought back its original glamour, but also introduced new and functional children playgrounds.

The pleasure from the walk in the flower garden is accentuated by the opportunity for a quiet rest or a chat with an old friend in the bar garden, in the romantic pavilions in line with old Sofia's Art Nouveau style, near the fountain.

Two emblematic Sofia streets constitute the borders of the Doctor's Garden – Oborishte and Shipka streets.

Oborishte Street appeared almost immediately after Sofia became the Bulgarian capital, in 1879. The street starts from the St Aleksandr Nevskiy Cathedral, and in the beginning of the 20th Century became the working field for the country's best architects. The feeling of subtle Vienna historicism in the residential architecture is combined with the romanticism of Art Nouveau. The floral elements of residential facades, craftily restored, impress and inspire even today with their splendour and emblematic architecture.

Doctor's Garden, SofiaYour new home is probably here, somewhere, huddled close to some of the romantic Italian restaurants situated along the street, or near some of the mushrooming urban galleries. It could be in one of the many buildings formerly owned by well-off Bulgarian traders, bankers and politicians, or in a flat of apartments next to some of the foreign embassies and residences situated on Oborishte Street.

On the other side of the Doctor's Garden is Shipka Street, arguably one of the most inspiring and artsy streets in Sofia. At its beginning, is the building of the Sofia University, Bulgaria's oldest higher education institution. Then, Shipka Street continues with a varied assortment of cosy coffee shops, artful stores and restaurants. The street ends with the Vasil Aprilov Primary School, one of Sofia's oldest schools. The current building was built in 1912 and continues to be one of the best educational institutions in the city.

Inspiring, indeed!

If you are eager to become a resident of the Doctor's Garden, FIRST ESTATES will find you your new home here, in one of Sofia's most emblematic regions!


Sofia, 27A Moskovska St, 1st floor

phone: 0700 15 15 1

Bakery, Central Sofia

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