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After graduation from the Dentistry Faculty in the Sofia's Medical University, Dr Spartak Yanakiev gained experience with some of the finest dental clinics in Sofia, and two years ago opened Spadent Dentist Centre. He believes in the strong relationships between patient and dentist, and is positive that strict mouth hygiene and care for even the tiniest problem are the short-cut to good dental health.Spadent Dentist Centre is a place where all sorts of dental problems are fixed – from caries to implants.

How is the relationship between a patient and a dentist important for the success of the treatment?

Trust is paramount in the connection between a patient and a dentist, and I often get better results with positive people, with patients with who we share mutual trust. I always begin treatment with a detailed description of what procedure we are going to perform and how the treatment will proceed. But for me is also very important to know what the patient expects of me. It is not uncommon for a job done well by the dentist to be disliked by the patient, because he or she simply had different expectations.

Which proceduresSpadent Dentist Centre is best at?

Root canals treatment is the procedure we perform most frequently and are extremely prone on. Yes, all dentists do it, but it is very important that treatment to be done right. You need to measure the canals’ length with professional equipment, the treatment should be done with the best machines and instruments, the root canals should be cleansed and filled in the best way for the complete recovery of the tooth.

I am also very fond on caries treatment. It sounds trivial, but there is a huge difference between a well treated caries where the tooth is indistinguishable from a healthy one, and an ill-treated tooth which leaves the patient with a feeling of discomfort.

I also specialise in aesthetic prosthetic rehabilitation of all kinds.

What are the requirements for having implants?

A lot, but they all start with the perfect mouth hygiene. The teeth should be brushed twice a day with a sweeping motion of the toothbrush, and dental floss should be applied every day. Then, with X-ray we should evaluate the thickness, size and quality of the bone.

Implants, however, are a no-no for smokers, and people who suffer from diabetes and some cardio-vascular diseases.

Why is treatment of caries of primary teeth important?

It is not important – it is extremely important. The primary teeth secure a normal way of eating for the kid. They also keep the space in the mouth. If a child loses a primary tooth, the jaw which still grows at this time, becomes smaller. Then, when the permanent teeth eruption begins, the lack of space leads to orthodontic problems and the need of complex orthodontic treatment. This can cause a lot of embarrassment for the child in early puberty, when appearance is crucial for the self-esteem. Moreover, it is good for children to get accustomed to the dentist since early age and with the least possible trauma.

SPADENT Dentist Centre

Sofia, 32 Tsanko Tserkovski St
phone: 0886 445 108

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