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Achieving a beautiful smile is a complex process which takes knowledge and professionalism, believes Dr Pavel Krastev fromK Dent Interdisciplinary Clinic

What is the philosophy ofK Dent Clinic?

The aim to achieve clinical perfection with the inclusion of different specialists in every treatment plan, the completely individual approach towards each patient through a strategy adequate to his or hers expectations. We apply new, creative ways of thinking and treatment, aiming to imitate Nature in the best possible way. Our results are functional and aesthetically pleasing, and fit the personality of the patient.

Dr Krastev, K DentWhich isK Dent strong point?

The overall experience. We have highly qualified, smiling and caring team and the most contemporary digital equipment: digital X-rays, microscope, high energy laser, hall for general anaesthesia. Our patients have all the necessary tests and examinations, plus excellent treatment in one place. The preliminary talk with the patient is very important, it paves the way for developing the best treatment which will fulfil the patient's dreams. We don't only cure, we revive the patient's individuality.

How can you make a complete makeover of a smile?

We will discuss how do you want your smile to look like, and will offer you different options, including the countless opportunities of modern dentistry - from orthodontics to direct bonding and ceramic restoration to laser teeth-whitening.

What is direct bonding?

It is the reconstruction of the frontal area with composite material in only one visit to the dental office. The modern high-quality composite materials are gaining momentum, with them even the most complicated conditions can be cured with predictable results and a minimal loss of hard dental tissue.

What are the implants' advantages and what implant systems do you use?

Reconstruction of hard and soft tissues is a big challenge. Dental implants are made after precise measurement and computations in the aim to look as natural teeth. They save healthy teeth and bone, and decrease bone resorption, allowing the patient to look and chew normally. InK Dent we use 5 implant systems which allows us to offer the best aesthetical and biological result for each patient. There are two methods of inserting an implant - one-stage and classical. Today, the patients want quick and guaranteed result and the one-stage method is the most promising, as it allows almost immediate insertion of the implant. The placement of the prosthetic construction is possible days after the implant insertion. The classical method allows the implant to be inserted on the wanted place, where a tooth is missing, and allows the usage of all kinds of orthopaedic constructions.

What is the application of lasers in modern dentistry?

Lasers are fantastic machines which allow us to achieve the impossible. With them treatment is painless, and the healing is quicker especially after surgery. Most of manipulations can be done without or with little anaesthesia, and the patient feels more comfortably. In K Dent we use Biolase laser. With it, frenectomy becomes a routine intervention with minimal post-surgery pain and swelling. Lasers have advantages in cavitation preparation, too, as they remove the caries tissues and preserve the natural cavity without the need of opening the tooth as in conventional treatment. The lasers for photodynamic therapy help us to eliminate or decrease bacteria without thermal effect and significant damage to the neighbouring tissues, this eliminating the need for antibiotic therapy.

I think the lasers are the future, and every treatment of soft and hard tissue will be done with them!

K DENТ Clinic

Plovdiv, 33 Ivan Vazov St
phones: 032 62 64 09, 0884 860 360

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