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When you wear glasses constantly, summer can be unpleasant: the sunshine blinds you if you wear your glasses, but if you put on sunglasses, your eyesight decreases. The Bulgarian company DIO has a solution.

Visit an optical shop and choose for yourself a pair of sunglasses. Then contact the RX Lab of DIO to order sun lenses which provide the necessary correction, considering the peculiarities of your eyesight. Don't forget to ask for additional treatments such as AR coating, hard coating, super hydrophobic coating, special base curve and decentering, i.e. the geometry of the sun lenses. Thus you will easily see in the sunny days, at a very affordable price.

DIO is a Bulgarian-Italian company established in 1993. DIO has now loyal partners in 400 optical shops throughout Bulgaria and began exporting to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, etc.

In June 2013, with EU funding, DIO introduced the innovative German OptoTech technology for production of customised ophthalmic lenses.

Rosen Topalov (left)Owner Rosen Topalov explains why DIO lenses are one of a kind.

What makes the DIO lenses different?

They are made of dioptric glass according to the individual needs of every client to suit him or her perfectly. We were the first and only company in Bulgaria to take the risk to implement this avant-garde technology. The prescription from the ophthalmologist is calculated by a special software which proceeds the optical index, the lens thickness and the shape of the frame. As a result, the eyeglasses fit perfectly their wearer. We can even engrave his or her initials on the lens. Dust, water drops or stains don’t stick to our lenses. If you drop a lens, it won’t break. The colour of the anti-reflex is discreet. They come with 25-month warranty of the coatings.

Are DIO lenses suitable for sunglasses?

Sunglasses take big part of our production. We make, too, glasses for sport, hunting, fishing, night driving, fog driving, the so-called multifocal progressive lenses. DIO also makes lenses with high power, high astigmatism, and lenses which are decentered, super-thin and super light. These are organic CR-39 lenses and mineral individual lenses.

Dio EyeglassesWhat's the newest thing at DIO?

The ultra-innovative multifocal high-index dioptric lenses, made with the new super modern line of the German company OptoTech. It manufactures special ophthalmological lenses in a new way, called Free Form. All production processes are automatized and are controlled by a computer with surgical precision. Thus we avoid all possible optical aberrations.

What is the greatest achievement of DIO?

To walk the way of the Bulgarian manufacturer with our company motto, "Choose DIO, choose the Bulgarian product!"

Where can we buy eyeglasses with DIO lenses?

For 21 years, we have been working with the optic shops throughout Bulgaria. We don't have a brand chain, as the trust of the Bulgarian opticians is enough for us. You can do it, too, just enquire in the best optics around. Your new glasses will be ready in 48 hours. You can also check www.diobg.com.

DIO LTD Headquarters and Lab:
9 Tsar Georgi Terter St
phone: 032 658 055
fax: 032 658 061
mobile: 0878 658 061
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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