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Ambracian Gulf Ambracian Gulf

Marvellous sea, gorgeous sunsets, delicious food and interesting archaeological heritage: you don't need to travel far and wide to find this. Just go to Preveza.

This lesser known region of Northwestern Greece is at mouth of the Ambracian Gulf on the Ionian Sea, and was officially presented to the Bulgarian public during the Holiday & Spa Expo 2014 in February in Sofia. The delegation was organised by Sunlight Travel tourist agency and included representatives of the Preveza's hotel association led by chairman Chalkidis Polikarpos.

Preveza beachThe city of Preveza has the magical air of a place taken out of a dream about sleepy existence engorged in beauty, legends and wonderful food. It is within a day's drive from Bulgaria - when you reach the end of the Egnatia Odos highway at Igoumenitsa, you head south for less than 100 km, along the sea coast. Preveza is ideal for day trips during which you can explore its beautiful environs and sites of interest, including the Ambracian Gulf, the Lake of Ziros, the deltas of the Acheron and Arahthos rivers. Preveza is also great for nature-lovers - the third largest Dalmatian pelicans colony in Europe lives here.

Acherontas riverAcherontas river

The beaches around Preveza are as beautiful to look at as they are pleasant to swim in - with crystal waters and shining sand, sheltered by coves and pine forests.

The area is still preserving the remains of the Ancient Greek cities of Kassopi and Nikopolis (where Anthony and Cleopatra lost their final war). Here is also the mysterious oracle of the Nekromanteion of Ephyra, where people came to talk with their dead relatives.

Parga fortressParga fortress

And let's not forget the Parga fortress, a formidable place built by the Venetians in the 14th Century.

When you are tired of sightseeing and sunbathing, take a rest in some of the wonderful restaurants with a plate of fish and traditional food.

Dimitrios Marinos, representative of the Mast Hotels & Resorts, says more on Preveza's uniqueness.

Q: Why of all the beautiful places in Greece we should chose Preveza?

DM: Preveza combines a great variety of good things: natural beauty, traditions, culture, entertainment, good food and above all - warm human relationships. The human relationships have started to decline, but Preveza is bringing them back to life.


Q: What makes the people of Preveza different than the other Greeks?

DM: Every Greek region has its own characteristics and culture. The people of Preveza are ordinary folks with warm personalities and eagerly open the doors of their homes to the guests of the region. This is their main characteristics - their hospitality.Preveza food

Q: Which season is the best to visit Preveza?

DM: All seasons are excellent for a visit, but in my opinion it is best in spring, in April-May.


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