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Dominant wine, by Telish winery Dominant wine, by Telish winery

To be successful in what you do is easy - you just need to be the best. But to be the best is difficult because it requires a clear vision and perseverance. When a winery is nominated a No.1 in the country, it is a recognition for the hundreds of hours of hard work, the sleepless nights, the worries and the joy of wine, carefully nurtured as an own child...

This year's deserved recognition for Castra Rubra proved just that: Bulgaria's top winery persistently contin-ues to develop a clear vision of its direction, despite all the difficulties in the economic environment. Even this alone deserves respect.

For the upcoming holidays we chose to present you one of the most valuable "children" of the Castra Rubra win-ery – the red blended Dominant. The wine is a blend of Cabernet sauvignon and Syrah, grown in the winery's own vineyards near the village of Kolarovo, Southeastern Bulgaria. It has a phenomenal potential, power and density, yet it is soft. Dominant is a wine with bright presence, it conquers the senses with its enchanting aromas and flavours; dominating with elegance and finesse, but in an unconditional manner. If we compare it with a person, Dominant will be a middle-aged man with the Brad Pitt's charm and the fit body of Bruce Willis. And like the best Hollywood productions, Dominant will carry you to a more beautiful movie reality. You do not need 10 reasons to open a bottle of wine, one is enough – a holiday! Well, of course, you will also need a corkscrew.

World Experts About Dominant
The most famous wine critic in the world, the acknowledged Robert Parker of, recently commented on the qualities of the Castra Rubra's Dominant vintage. Here is the appraisal in his Twitter profile:

"… Several sell for a song, the 2011 DOMINANT – under $15, and blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvi-gnon, is a 91 point wine."

and he adds:

"…once again, the Bulgarian producer Castra Rubra mandates and American importer! These wines are both very high in quality."

Sofia, 22 Lozenets St

phone: +359 2 963 1773

fax: +359 2 963 3043

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