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A pleased customer is the best advertisement for the creative team of the furnishing company FILMAR 74.

Since 2001 they have developed various projects using high quality materials to satisfy every newcomer's possible need. The marketing manager of FILMAR 74, Lyubov Markova, shares the secret how do they succeed bringing more comfort into an office, more colour into a home, and, of course, making a client happier.

Lyubov MarkovaHow it all started? How did you decide to get into furniture manufacturing?

The company was founded by my brother, Filip Markov, alongside with a close friend and colleague of him. As time passed by their paths divided and later on I joined in. Thus the company shaped as a family business, which makes our line of work a tad different from the bigger companies in our sector. We differentiate ourselves from what we call "conveyor line production" and our goal is to make each customer feel significant, even special. That is why we develop individual projects for each client taking into consideration their unique vision of domestic or office layout.

We work with excellent designers who advice on current trends and provide professional insight concerning their personal needs.

FilmarWhat kind of material do you use? What are the latest trends in furniture production?

We work mainly with laminated boards or medium density fibreboards. Recently, genuine wood decoration and wood fladers are in vogue as well as raw concrete imitations. All the while Vintage and Shabby chic are in our clienteles' eye. We achieve such effects by ageing the furniture manually.

FilmarHow do you cope with customers who don't have a clear idea of what they are after?

Lots of people aren't quite sure in what way they would like to decorate or redecorate their homes. We have found a solution to such problems. Our designers push the limits of imagination by using 3D visualisation programmes. Professional insight merges with the person's specific views and creates an image of the outcome of the potential refurnishing. 

FilmarDo you produce only for the internal market or do you export, too?

Our endeavours are mainly associated with the Bulgarian market, but we also have a wide variety of services concerning our clients abroad. Many of them work or reside beyond the country's borders, and they turn to us for matters of furnishing. Some of our regulars are foreigners with a business in Bulgaria. Several office buildings occupied by foreign firms are near fully furnished by us. These companies, when expanding in terms of facility infrastructure, depend on our services to provide office equipment and furnishing.

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