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Can a short flight to Istanbul be a life-saving journey? Yes, when treatment of cancer in the Anadolu Medical Center is concerned.

For more than two decades now the hospital, working in affiliation with the John Hopkins medical institute in the United States, has become the hot spot for cutting-edge medical treatment, done by experienced medical staff with latest-generation of technology.

The health-care in the Anadolu Medical Center is preferred by increasing numbers of patients, including foreigners from countries will excellent private heath care, like the Unites States. Patients from Bulgaria are also on the rise, with more than 1,500 choosing the centre every year. In the hospital, 48 medical professionals and translators of 16 languages are on a constant watch for everything the patients and their relatives might need.

A variety of factors make treatment of cancer in Anadolu Medical Center one of the most efficient in the region.

Multidisciplinary approach in cancer treatment is the centre's "speciality" – every patient and every case is individually studied by a team of specialists who choose the most efficient methods, including targeted anti-tumour medicines and radical surgical treatment. The professionals in the centre also use technologies like the CyberKnife for surgery and the TrueBeam radiation therapy technology.

As result, in the Anadolu Medical Center the cancer treatment period is 50 percent shorter than the average.

The Anadolu Medical Center has also an excellent tradition in early cancer diagnostics, and of treatment of breast and gynaecological cancers. Special attention is put on diagnostics and treatment of cancer for children, with top results.

Anadolu Medical Center, however, is much more than an oncology treatment centre. The hospital also provides highly qualified and efficient treatment of heart diseases and has put a special attention to gynaecology, paediatrics and dental care.

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