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World Theatre in Sofia has attracted some of Europe’s most celebrated names and given its audience the chance to experience a number of world-class performances

Bulgaria’s largest theatre event, Varna Summer International Theatre Festival, visits Sofia with the help of the city municipality. Since its first launch in 2007, World Theatre in Sofia has attracted some of Europe’s most celebrated names and given its audience the chance to experience a number of world-class performances. In the remaining few days, you get to enjoy the innovative renditions of three classic dark tales, "Dorian Grey", "Frankenstein" and "Miss Julie", and a musical spectacle where the main performing instrument is a rather extraordinary wooden table, "The Table."

Dorian Grey

by Oscar Wilde

adapted by the Burgtheatre and directed by Bastian Kraft

with Markus Meyer

Austrian director Bastian Kraft combines drama and video art installations to produce a haunting contemporary vision of Wilde's famous novel. The play is set in the present and delivered solely by actor Markus Meyer, rendering a virtuoso performance.

When: 11 June, Monday, 7pm

Where: Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre, 8 Al. Dondukov Blvd

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg

Director: Anna Pattersson

Intima Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden

In 2012, Sweden celebrates the 100th anniversary of the death of one of its most renowned writers, August Strindberg. This adaptation of Strindberg's "Miss Julie", directed and performed entirely by actress Anna Pattersson, incorporates an on-stage performance with a multimedia show streaming live footage from the stage mixed with pre-recorded material.

When: 12 June, Tuesday, 7pm

Where: Sofia Theatre, 23a Yanko Sakazov Blvd

The Table

Karbido, Wroclaw, Poland

Directed and performed by: Pawel Czepulkowski, Igor Gawlikowski, Marek Otwinowski, Michal Litwiniec

"The Table" is an audio-spectacle which has toured the world and become quite a sensation. It won an award for best alternative performance at the FRINGE WORLD FESTIVAL PERTH 2012 in Australia. The four actors deliver an astonishing performance, using a uniquely designed wooden table as a musical instrument.

When: 12 June, Tuesday, 8,30pm

Where: Sfumato Theatre Laboratory, 2 Dimitar Grekov St


by Mary Shelley

Director: Danny Boyle

Cast: Mark Armstrong, Martin Chamberlain, Benedict Cumberbatch, Josie Daxter, Haydon Downing

Satellite Broadcast of a Theatre Production of National Theatre, London

Boyle's play is a masterful and decidedly novel interpretation of Mary Shelley's work. It departs from the original focus on the obsessive scientist and instead points to the tragic existence of his creation. The monster becomes Victor Frankenstein's alter ego, the manifestation of his darkest, most deeply-suppressed desires.

When: 18, 20 June, 7pm

Where: Cinema City, Mall of Sofia, 101 Al. Stamboliyski Blvd

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