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What is the career path of successful women in Bulgaria? How did they become managers and what changed in their personal life? These are the questions posed to 29 business women by Human Value International in their second edition of HUMAN VALUES. And here are the answers...

Women managers in Bulgarian business are still a rare breed and they deserve special attention. They are the focus of the second edition by Human Value International, a consulting company in the field of organisational development. The interviews taken in 2009 and 2010 present 29 ladies in various business fields – from law practice through stock exchange to wineries and home shopping. They talk about their career path, personal life, things that motivate them and male-female inequality in Bulgaria. The whole issue can be downloaded in English here. These are the top women managers in Bulgaria in a few short sentences.

Aggiliki Babaouka
Manager Business Development for Balkans
Sector: Media
Motto: "A manager should have trust in the creative people!"

The most important thing is to do your job with pleasure and be confident in yourself. Both men and women have to find the balance between their ambitions and behavior. Both genders can reach success if they like what they do and continue doing it.

Alena Georgieva
Director for Bulgaria and the Balkans
Indesit Company
Sector: Domestic Electronics
Motto: "Finding your right place is the right way to achieve the balance!"

A business lady has to organize herself so that her family and personal life wouldn’t suffer. Women’s ability to find the best solution for both sides is their greatest advantage.

Anelia Dinova
Managing Partner
Lawyer Agency "Dinova & Rusev"
Sector: Law Services

Women on managing positions have to fight against presumptions. The society always expects something more from a woman. The positive aspect of it is satisfaction at the opportunity to prove yourself all the time.

Anita Blajevska
Executive Director
Studio Moderna
Sector: Direct Marketing
Motto: "Nobody should expect someone else to arrange their life!"

A person should measure their priorities – which of them are most important in a specific moment of time. Personally I measure them with my intuition, which has been given to women by nature.

Bistra Ilkova
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
Aval In
Sector: Financial services – Investment management
Motto: "Having a career is important, but it’s far from being the most important thing!"

Professional development from the point of view of gathering professional skills and knowledge is being neglected. I understand young people wanting to earn more money as soon as possible, but they also have to understand that career growth requires you to be professional, tolerant and ambitious.

Vesela Barbukova
Sector: Real Estate
Motto: "Believe in what you want and follow your dreams, even if they are not very profitable."

Professional development requires a lot of sacrifice, time and stress – complete dedication. You have to be in the loop 24/7. You can’t take a vacation from your own responsibilities and risk.

Vesela Borislavova
Deputy Director
Sector: Production of windows, doors and facades

Motto: "Family and career – a solution to the problem is possible!"

I like the fact that as a Bulgarian company we learned as we went and everything we've accomplished was because of trials and errors.

Vesela Ilieva
Executive Director
Unique Estates
Sector: Luxurious Real Estate
Motto: "Be strong and confident!"

Women easily adjust to a team work because they are more compassionate towards the feelings of others and create the feeling of unity. Female intuition is very important, because we can sense things.

Daniela Petkova
General Executive Director
POC Doverie
Sector: Financial Services – Asset Management (PO)
Motto: "Don’t be afraid to be yourself!"

In order to be good at something you need to concentrate on it entirely. The right balance can be achieved through the perspective of your lifetime. I left the domestic comfort that I had outside Bulgaria and I came back to be a part of the Doverie project.

Joanna Dimitrova
Head of Directorate "Finances and Property Management"
State Enterprise National Railway Infrastructure Company Head Office
Sector: Transport
Motto: "I’m motivated by the idea that something has to be done the best way possible. Better than before…"

One professional is better than the other not because of the other’s incompetency, but because of the other’s bad decisions. Everything else is a question of willingness to win.

Elena Marinova
President and Owner
Musala Soft
Sector: ICT, Software
Motto: "We should not forget that we are all human beings!"

If you have strong nerves and are able to withstand insomnia and communicate adequately, and if you have a strong team, this means that you’re in the game.

Elza Markova
Executive Director
BELLA Bulgaria
Sector: Fast-selling Goods
Motto: "Consistency is the easiest way to success!"

For me challenges are not barriers, but the main source of motivation. Ambition, faith and consistency - three words that always support me during my tough everyday work.

Irena Komitova
Managing Partner
Creative Solutions
Sector: Consultancy Services
Motto: "Your heart will lead you where you want to be!"

"If you are so smart, why are you so poor?" – it was about time for me to show what I really can do by starting my own company. I am lucky to have found the perfect balance.

Kalina Halacheva
Country Manager Bulgaria
Motto: "If you want to reach a big goal you need to concentrate on the little details"

As a person having worked abroad I can freely say that compared to another countries, the working women in Bulgaria are situatued quite well next to the men.

Mara Doichinova
Executive Director
FPI Hotels & Resorts
Sector: Hotels and Tourism
Motto: "Family is as important as business!"

I really love my work and I do it with love. When you do something with passion you dedicate yourself to it.

Mariana Miteva-Blagoeva
Executive Director
Sector: Furnishing
Motto: "It is important for everyone to find their own true values!"

I hope I will not have to make a difficult choice between my family and work because I love both of them. But if I have to choose, I would of course choose my family.

Marchela Abrasheva
Executive Director
TNS BBSS Gallup International
Sector: Marketing Research
Motto: "Let us find time for ourselves!"

From my experience I know that reinventing the wheel has a charm of its own: almost everything invented somewhere else cannot be applied automatically here and now.

Nina Noeva
Owner and Manager
First Bulgaria
Sector: Consultancy Services
Motto: "It is important to find yourself and what you would like to do – after that just do it!"

Dedication to work makes people forget about themselves and their families. Unfortunately there is no universal formula.

Petya Dimitrova
Executive Director
PostBank (Eurobank EFG Bulgaria)
Sector: Banking
Motto: "Chance favors the prepared mind!"

When you are dedicated to your profession it is very difficult to separate it from your personal life. The more responsible is your position, the more time and errors it requires.

Petya Slavova
Festa Holding
Sector: Investment Management
Motto: "Career path is tough but it’s worth it!"

If you expect a magical recipe for balance I’ll disappoint you – there is no such thing. Everything in life comes on the cost of something else.

Petya Todorova
Executive Director
Winery House TODOROFF
Sector: Wine Production
Motto: "Never forget where you came from!"

Family business consumes a lot of your time – you rarely check your watch, and it doesn't matter if it’s the weekend or not. It doesn’t matter how you feel, if you’re sad or confused, you have to welcome your guests with a smile on your face.

Dr. Radina Denkova
Dermatologist and Owner
Aesthe Clinic
Sector: Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology
Motto: "Life passes you imperceptibly – you need to feel satisfaction when you look back!"

My hobby became my profession, which is the best option because I do my work with pleasure. Every year I give more to my clients – I make more women more beautiful.

Reni Jordanova
Managing Partner
Sector: Audit and Financial Consultancy
Motto: "Let your career development be the result of the love for your work!"

When your profession has been chosen with love and brings you satisfaction it is easy to accomplish the symbiosis called a woman leader.

Rumyana Velinova
Executive Director
Atridi Group & Smart Ventures
Sector: Agriculture
Motto: "The top-manager is always surrounded by top-people!"

The career path always comes with a price. Every woman decides what part of her personal life she is willing to sacrifice.

Sasha Bezuhanova
Director of the Public Sector for Central and Eastern Europe
Sector: IT
Motto: "Let us allow ourselves have the freedom to follow our own inspiration!"

I believe that having a good family and harmonious domestic environment requires as much efforts and investments as professional realization. One should pay attention to both aspects of their life.

Stanislava Koleva
Managing Partner
Sector: Consultancy Services
Motto: "We shouldn’t forget about the things with real value in our lives!"

Just imagine for a second a 26-year-old manager trying to attract a client or speak to another manager who has 20-30 years of experience… And now imagine that this young manager is a woman…

Snezhana Semova
Saint Gobain Construction Products Bulgaria, Weber
Sector: Production and Trade with Construction Materials
Motto: "The career gives you life where you feel provoked!"

My life is so dynamic that a balance would be more of a barrier. Compromise teaches a person to be more successful.

Teodora Georgieva
Executive Director
OMV Bulgaria
Sector: Petroleum
Motto: "We have to look forward and think about the perspectives!"

Some years ago I thought that personal and professional lives are mixing components. Now I clearly separate them and put accent on one or the other.

Ulyana Vincheva
Owner and Manager
Dental Tribune Bulgaria
Sector: Media
Motto: "Try to feel loved and professionally satisfied!"

We shouldn’t reject our feminine side. Trying to reach top positions, to succeed, we often forget about simple things – to be women, mothers and wives.

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