Winter's cold and wind take their toll on skin and hair, but spring is the time to turn the clock back and reclaim the freshness of your face and body.
The new report by CMS on Central and Eastern Europe's economics brings out the main trends in the region, both positive and negative
A joint exhibition by His Excellency Stavros Avgoustides, the Ambassador of Cyprus to Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian artist Nikolai Roussev, were the focus of the Art4Charity cultural events organised by the Cyprus Embassy.
February always has a special flavour of wine and love. Stylish wine tastings and romantic candle-lit dinners fill the date of 14 February with festive mood, make us dream, love, be better persons.Offers for this day are pouring from all…
The politics of UniCredit Bulbank, Bulgaria's biggest bank, to help young people and encourage education, entrepreneurship and arts, received yet another recognition. On 28 January, the bank's CEO, Levon Hampartsumyan, was awarded as the Donator of the Year by the…
The first thought of a guest entering a room ineasyHotel Sofia for the first time, is that he or she has somehow transferred to a ship or an airplane cabin.
One of Bulgaria's most outward thinking private education institution is already available for children not only in Sofia. The Plovdiv branch of the academy is now open, providing modern, free-thinking and flexible education to children and parents who want to…
Pascal Duffy is a French/Irish entrepreneur and senior sales professional who has chosen to work and live in Bulgaria. He has gained first-hand knowledge on the Bulgarian property market in the last ten years and now, he implements his professional…
The story of Castra Rubra Winery is the story of its owner, Jair Agopian. He is one of the people for whom wine is not business, but a way of life.
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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