Playing games is more than just having fun. When done with proper friends and toys, they enhance their physical, psychological and mental development and teach them a lot of things about the world.
"Advanced education develops the potential and talents of a kid from an early age," says Irina Shopova, founder and director of the Children's Academy of Sciences, Arts and Sports. "It aims to provoke interest, to boost creativity and to help…
easyHotel Sofia is the child of the low-cost easyJet airline, an enterprise which combines comfort with good value for money and innovative approach.
Yoga Mandala offers more than yoga classes. For 8 years, the centre has been working with embassies and companies, and its instructors are certified teachers and yoga world champions speaking a variety of foreign languages. If you are too busy…
Delight your friends and business partners with authentic Bulgarian gifts,worthy of celebrating each new beginning, each new success, each special occasion.
Dr Pamukoff's medicines have won around 20 gold and honorary awards from all over the world for their contribution to medicine
You might have work in the Nordic countries, or could be fascinated by their culture (literature, TV, cuisine, you name it). Whatever the reason to want to study the languages of this part of Europe, NordStudeo Language School will help.
The irresistible tastes and aromas of true French cuisine are now yours to explore and fall in love with, at Gastrothèque L'Art de Vivre.
Red Coral Kitchen is the first restaurant of the long-standing catering company Red Coral Catering – a leader in serving for foreign film and advertising productions in Bulgarians and one of the few companies in Bulgaria offering craft service.
Veselite Kambanki Nursery and Kindergarten is the place where children study via active participation in activities and events, direct contact with people, exchange of ideas and additional education.
According to ophthalmologists, the dry eye syndrome is becoming more wide-spread and hard to treat. One of the world's renown specialists in the field, Professor Christina Groupcheva MD, Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science at Varna's Medical…
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