Interior design and furnishing – regardless of if it is for the home, the office, the public library or the foreign embassy, Mebel BG has the solution.
EDO Design Studio consists of a young and ambitious team with a rich experience in the design and implementation of residential and public interiors, architecture and product design.
The young and ambitious staff of Bulgarian designers and Scandinavian consultants aims to introduce in Bulgaria Scandinavian functionality and design of the highest quality
Sofia keeps secrets still unsolved. In a very special place, six meters below ground, among low arches and atmosphere dense with the aroma of wine and noble mould is located the capital's oldest and only wine cellar. For 130 years…
Dionigi Wine is the exclusive distributor for Bulgaria of a wide range of top-quality Italian wines produced in two wineries. The first is based in Trentino and has been producing alluring wines since 1907. The second one is in Toscana…
The marriage of Bulgaria's millennia-old history in winemaking and the modern tastes and technologies in production is not easy – but Spiritus Sanctus wines do it brilliantly.
Few things express our feeling better than the quality, warm and delight-inducing chocolate, and few chocolates can be compared to the ones in Amelie Chocolaterie.
Time is your most treasured possession, and there shouldn't be any compromises with it: for you and for your loved ones
When you want a unique architectural space – be it your home, your shop or your office – the help of a devoted professional with vision and abilities is the best decision. 2 Studio for architecture and interior design specialises…
Alexandrina Alexandrova graduated in interior design from the Omega College, Cyprus, and has been working in the field since 2006. Today the owner of the studio for interior design that bears her name is among the most inspiring young artists…
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