In Bulgaria, the words "tried and tested cosmetic surgeon" bring one name in mind: Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev. His international reputation of a first-rate specialist is matched by years of successful practice and a number of innovations. His most popular…
When you are looking for ideas, when you crave something nonstandard, new or challenging, when you do not have time for long planning, is the answer. The Bulgarian platform for gifts and experiences knows that the best and lasting…
The conflict between the orderly, practical vision and eccentric interior style influences every space in a different way.
Objects of art are a present that leaves a lasting trace in the heart, brings aesthetic pleasure and increases its value with time.
When Bozhana Yordanova created BodeStyle interior design studio, she already had not only rich experience in the field, but also the enthusiasm and passion that are key for achieving an individual and comfortable interior.
Clean air, elegant atmosphere, relaxation: the guests of the exclusive Murite Club Hotel enjoy those the year round.
The idea to create Boutique Hotel Campanella, combining elegant appearance and warm service, was inspired by our love to mountain tourism and our desire to pass down this feel to other people.
Creating and developing a successful establishment, a restaurant or a club is a matter of many factors. The interior is one of the most important of those. It builds the place's identity, defines the guests' experiences and has potential to…
Building design has been a part of architect YORDAN ULYANOV, founder of Ulyanov Architects Studio, since his childhood as both his father and grandfather were construction engineers. Slowly, he started to nurture the idea of creating a home with all…
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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The Chief Operating Officer for Dentsu Aegis Network Bulgaria, on how brands can stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment

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