Prevention of cancer gets well-deserved attention in global health programmes – it saves money and worries. To know ahead what your risk of developing cervical cancer is, use the advances in medicine made by the QIAGEN company, world leader in…
Specialised property company Unique Estates, which deals with the luxury property market, has presented an analysis showing 4 percent increase in the segment within the first quarter of 2013 as compared to the last quarter of 2012.
A land of geographical extremes and of rugged terrain, of deserts, green fields and blue mountains, South Africa is a visiually arresting place. However, many of its visual treasures are man-made, and a trip there is full with discoveries of…
The season of trainings, workshops and conferences is already in full swing. The warmer months are more suitable for holding events both because you have a greater choice of locations and because your guests are mellowed by the good weather.
RockSchool is the place where you can master the guitar, bass, drums, piano or singing under competent teachers
Dental tourism in Bulgaria is famed for relatively low prices and high quality of work, but KMC Dental takes it one step further
The EO Dent project aims to help elderly patients who cannot afford private care to improve their quality of life and social interactions
The compilers of the chart mark an upsurge in the airplay time of Bulgarian music as compared to 2011
The German Awards aim to motivate foreign investors and recognise their contribution to the trade relations between Germany and Bulgaria
The newest insurance plan of the company offers guarantees high-quality medical assistance all over the world
Business success requires listening closely as well as being ready to give – this is the formula behind the portfolio of Congress Engineering and its 10 years of projects.
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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