The current exhibition of Loran Art Gallery is provoked by art in Socialist Bulgaria, created between 9 September 1944 and 10 November 1989. Bulgarians still struggle with their understandings of the period, trapped between sweet nostalgia and memories for violation…
Jesse T. Haines, AEA Director of Education, on the goals and achievements of one of Bulgaria's best schools
Flametech Ltd. specialises in the area of fire safety through the services of designing, delivering, installing and subscription service of all kinds of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, including systems with fluorinated greenhouse gasses, development of part Fire Safety.…
Situated in the centre of Sofia,Loran Art Gallery is an established art institution which discovers, brings up to the public and presents to the connoisseurs the finest pieces of Bulgarian art.
Achieving a beautiful smile is a complex process which takes knowledge and professionalism, believes Dr Pavel Krastev fromK Dent Interdisciplinary Clinic
When you wear glasses constantly, summer can be unpleasant: the sunshine blinds you if you wear your glasses, but if you put on sunglasses, your eyesight decreases. The Bulgarian company DIO has a solution.
A classical name in the Sofia lifestyle and hospitality, Sofia Balkan Hotel is now joining the Luxury Hotel Collection Hotels & Resorts brand.
The Italian food is popular, valued and imitated all around the world, but few can prepare it as Giuseppe Lomuscio, chef at Trattoria Il Maestro Giuseppe Verdi.
In Bulgarian, tabiet means something done with love and utmost devotion to the detail, and Tabiet Restaurant and Garden lives to its name. Here excellent fusion food, friendly atmosphere and impeccable service are combined with charming details: the aromas, the…
Going to the dentist is a stressful experience for many, but for children and adults with special needs it might become a real challenge.
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