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Pets give us unconditional love. We reciprocate with unconditional care

If there is a world trend that often goes under the radar of attention, this is the attitude towards pets. Modern people take an increasing number of dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals at home, and spend more time and attention in taking care of them. According to US data, in the past 30 years pet ownership increased from 56% to 68%. The majority of new owners are the millennials and the Generation Zs. The share of people who prefer to adopt their pet is also on the rise.

Modern technologies, for their part, change the way in which we perceive and take care of our pets. As the millions of videos on YouTube and the social networks, the countless memes and the popularity of the Grumpy Cat (RIP) show, we increasingly think about pets as of our equal partners and friends.

The care for their health, happiness and comfort is comparable to the one for other family members. Gourmet and specialised brands of pet food appeared, as well as scores of ways to take care and entertain pets, like special beds and clothes, toys, tablet games for cats and apps that allow the owner to track the walks, physical activity and nutrition of their dogs. A constantly growing number of owners seek services like grooming and training, and pet hotels.

The trend will hardly go away anytime soon. The global market for pet care is expected to reach $202.6 billion by 2025.

The quality of pet healthcare is also improving. Today, good vet clinics use the latest technologies for diagnosis, treatment and immunisation. Thanks to the progress in veterinary medicine owners can take timely care for prevention and treatment of diseases like dirofilaria, parvovirus, osteoarthrosis, urinary tract diseases, digestive and skin problems, otitis in dogs and panleukopenia, feline AIDS, calicivirus, leukemia and others in cats. Contemporary veterinary medicine also allows adequate care for pregnant animals.

The good vet is crucial for both pets and their owners. He is the first specialist you can ask for help and advice, knows the vaccines and the examinations that must be made and can advice on healthy eating and prevention of diseases.

For 8 years now, Royal Vet Clinic (Sofia, Sveta Troitsa, Block 347 A, FB: royalvet, 24/7 line: 087 611 2150) has offered highly qualified care for pets such as dogs, cats, horses. Established by Dr Ivan Dodovski, the clinic has the most advanced equipment for image and laboratory diagnostics, anaesthesia, dentistry, minimally invasive manipulation and surgeries. The specialists at Royal Vet work with genuine love to the animals and constantly improve their professional experience in fields such as reproduction, neonatology, paediatrics, treatment of infectious, neurological and dermatological diseases. The clinic also offers cosmetic services and grooming, pet hotel, home visits and quality medicaments and medical foods.

Quality food and medicaments are a prerequisite when we want healthy and happy animals at home and in the farm. For over 20 years, Farma Vet, a Bulgarian company (Shumen, 40 Odets Paisley St, phones: 0899 987 371,, has produced quality, reasonably-priced medicaments and other products for farm animals and pets – antibiotics, insecticides, shampoos, fodder, milk substitutes. In 2011, Farma Vet broadened its portfolio with beginning production of granulated dog and cat food. The company also offers antibiotics, insecticides and cosmetics for exotic animals. The wide range of company products is made after modern standards and makes Farma Vet a name that every animal owner should know. The company has a wide distribution network and delivers its products with its own transport or via courier.


Pet care today is at unprecedented level. However, there is one component in it that should never be omitted although it cannot be ordered on the Internet or bought at a specialised store – love. Love is what makes us to perceive the pet at home as a sentient, feeling, trusty friend with their own personality and tastes, and inspires us to provide them with the best care we are capable of.

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