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The road to health starts from the content of our plate

Today there is hardly a person who would argue that good health is possible without healthy food. Food provides organism with the proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and microelements needed for its proper function.

Which, however, is the best diet? The debate is old and will hardly end soon. Should we eat meat? What about fish and seafood? What is best – to eat more carbs or more fats? Isn't the rule to eat vegetables and fruit at least five times a day a bit too much? What about ethical issues? Production of trendy "superfoods" such as avocado and quinoa leads to cutting of forests and price increase in nations who for centuries have used them as their main source of nutrition... Actually, is there really such thing as a superfood or is it a marketing trick? And vitamins? Research shows that taking Vitamin C or omega-3 pills does not reduce chances of catching flu or developing cardiovascular disease. And so on and so forth...

One can get a real headache if they try to follow all the advice and opinions in the field of healthy eating.

In spite of the multitude of contradicting voices, however, with more sober approach we will find some principles that remain the same.

Healthy eating is balanced, providing the organism with everything needed. Humans have evolved on a diverse diet of carbs, proteins, fats. Regardless of the source you choose for those, aim for it to be ethical and to minimally damage the environment and farm animals. Fresh, home-cooked food is better – at least  because it contains less salt, sugar, preservatives than ready-meals, and doesn't come in so many layers of polyethylene.

It is also important to know that healthy eating doesn't mean boring eating. On the contrary.

Healthy eating can be tasty eating – if you know how. A new product helps you to achieve this. The Nouri natural truffles (Sofia, 2 E Acad. Geshov Blvd, phone: +359 2 426 88 11,, are made of few, healthy ingredients. They are vegan, and sugar, gluten and artificial sweeteners free. The truffles come in three varieties: Matcha Green Tea, Coconut & Chia and Chocolate & Hazelnuts. Unlike other healthy desserts, Nouri truffles don't taste of dried fruit or dates, but like the less-healthy and nevertheless attractive chocolates and sweets. Thanks to this Nouri make you feel full and satisfied, as if you have indulged into an expensive piece of chocolate. Their luxury packaging brings an additional feel of exclusivity. Nouri were developed by the creators of the popular healthy ice creams Coppa Della Maga. Their quality was already recognised: the truffles are selected for the food innovation expo SIAL 2018 INNOVATION this October in Paris.

Healthy eating steps on the principle of local, seasonal food. This guarantees us that food will be fresh and its delivery will not burden the atmosphere with yet another portion of carbon dioxide. And still, globalised world provides us with the opportunity to discover and introduce in our lives new options for healthy eating.

Until recently Bulgarians have heard about mate mainly from the crosswords and adventure novels. Argentina's emblematic drink, however, is already a reality even for people who haven't visited South America. Thanks to Obicham MATE (phone: 0888 425 126,, FB: Obicham.MATE) this incredible gift of nature can now become a part of our lives. Mate is made of the leaves of the eponymous tree and for centuries has proven its beneficial qualities. Thanks to it stress goes away, digestion improves, blood pressure returns to normal, we keep more easily fit or loose weight. The specific manner of drinking mate – with the calabash gourd and the bombilla straw, brings additional colour to our live. It stimulates us to do as the Argentinians do – to use mate not only as a refreshment, but also as a way to enrich our social life and to spend more time with friends. This is why, although belonging to faraway South America, mate is a beverage that we deserve in our life. 

The origin and the type of the food, however, are only part of the answer on how to eat healthily. The rest is in the quantity of the food we eat. Even the healthiest options still contain calories and if we overeat, lost in their delicious taste, in the end of the day we will have eaten more calories that we need. As a result, our organism will store the surplus of energy as fats. 

Sport and increased physical activity is an efficient way to keep this under control; moreover, muscles "burn" more energy. You don't even need to sweat for two hours each day in the gym. Small lifestyle changes like walking more and climbing the stairs, for example, do wonders. 

If you, however, are too busy, try to make a diary of the food you eat every day – even the bits of chocolate you almost unconsciously had at 4pm when the stress at work became overwhelming. The diary will provide you with a valuable insight on your eating habits, will show you what can be improved and changed, and will inspire you to seek healthier alternatives. Although high in calories, a handful of raw nuts is a better snack between main meals than savoury snacks. 

Thus, with a bit of more mindfulness in our choices and without depriving ourselves of tasty things in life, we can achieve optimal, healthy eating.


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