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Our best friends deserve the best

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened," Anatole France has said and anyone who even for a short period of time has had a pet will confirm. Pets charge us with positive energy, relieve us from stress, make us laugh and give us the most important thing: unconditional love.

Pets, however, need proper care to be healthy and happy. They are not toys, they are a responsibility asking for constant care.

Just like people, pets need balanced nutrition – both in regard to the ingredients and to the quantity. Food should be fresh, diverse, and in sufficient amounts – obesity is an unpleasant condition with significant health impact in pets, too.

The health of the pet means also sufficient physical activity. Whether it will be a walk in the park, playing with its favourite toy, running or something else, it is up to you and your pet. What is important is to do it, because it not only keeps the animal fit, but also additionally strenghtens your connection with it. Don't do the mistake of some owners of small dog breeds who carry them all the time – even these animals need to run free and need clean air.

The regular visits at the vet are also important. The examination and the vaccinations at an early age are absolutely obligatory, as they will inform you on possible future health problems and will protect your pet from diseases. The regular check-ups every year should not be skipped, and even in the tiniest suspicion that your pet doesn't feel well, don't neglect the symptoms, but go to the doctor.

In the past few years, pet healthcare in Bulgaria has developed and now offers world-level quality. The vets are no more mere general practitioners. A number of clinics appeared that work with the latest equipment and with specialists in the different fields of pet healthcare.

The vets, who are not only excellent professionals, but also love their job and patients, are as important for the health of your pet as you are – and sometimes even more. At Veterinary Clinic Doiran (Sofia, 12-А Doiran St, phone: 0878 817 633, you will find such specialists. Doiran Clinic has an enviable expertise in treatment of small dog breeds, cats and exotic animals, although size has never mattered for the specialists here. Besides the ordinary consultations and prophylaxis, the clinic offers the latest medical care in fields like orthopedy and dentistry, cardiology and image diagnostics. In the completely equipped surgery there are anaesthesiology machine, artificial breathing ventilator, patient's monitor and more. At Doiran Clinic you will find consultancy, diagnostics and treatment of all types of bone, joint and muscle conditions, and an excellent diagnostics and treatment of internal, infectious, eye and cardiovascular diseases. The clinic has as well an echography unit for examination of internal organs, and its clinical laboratory offers a wide range of tests, including complete blood count. Until 31 August, Doiran Clinic offers free tests for dirofilaria immitis ("heartworm"). Get your voucher for a free test at the pet shop on 12-A Doiran St, or call 0878 817 633. You pay only the blood drawing (10 lv).

Animal health needs as much care as human one, and just like in people it is a function of quality food, but also of the used medicines. The Bulgarian company Farma Vet Ltd (Shumen, 40 Otets Paisiy St, is of help to everyone who wants not only to not to compromise with the care for his animals – no matter of whether they are pets or farm ones. The company produces a rich portfolio of quality licensed medicines and of registered with the Ministry of Healthcare sanitary hygiene products, complementary fodder and milk substitutes for farm animals, granulated food for pets. Farma Vet offer also products for exotic animals, pigeons and even fish, and also products for protection of your home and garden from pests and rodents. The developed distribution network of Farma Vet is a guarantee that you will receive your ordered products in time, and the responsible attitude of the company shows that for it the health and good condition of our speechless friends always comes first.

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