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Medical services in Bulgaria will surprise you pleasantly with low prices and excellent quality

How does it happen that Bulgaria, which is constantly lagging behind in terms of income in Europe, has that many private clinics offering the latest technologies and methods for treatment of various conditions and diseases? The reason may be the Bulgarian training in medicine, which attracts many foreign students and creates superb specialists. It may also be in the growing number of medical tourists that look for good services at reasonable prices.

But whatever the logic is, new health institutions are opened all the time and immediately become sought after by both Bulgarians and foreigners. 10 years ago, only some private clinics operated within the country as alternatives to state hospitals with one doctor in each medical branch. Now clinics specialise in order to give you easy access to a full cycle of service for each condition – from testing and diagnostics through classical and innovative treatment methods to recovery and aftercare. You will find them throughout the whole country, including the smaller cities. And this is an excellent reason to combine the useful examinations with the pleasant culture and nature of Bulgaria, giving in to some rest for body and mind, combined with the qualified care of the staff.

Medicine advances in bounds and leaps, but not everyone can afford the huge costs of new treatments and therapies.

Bulgaria's advantage is in the competitive prices and easy medical access. Clinics within the whole country specialise in certain diseases and provide all the necessary tests and treatments associated with them. The Medical Centre Sveta Marina in Pleven is an example of this. Here the technology of high intensity focused ultrasound, or HIFU, is used to treat tumours without cuts. The safe method prevents the blood loss and infection risks of traditional surgery, allowing very quick recovery. The HIFU treatment is researched as a promising oncologic treatment in Britain, Italy and Spain and gives excellent results in cases of uterine fibroids, benign mammary gland tumours and adenomyosis.

When joint problems turn chronic, seek the help of orthopaedic specialists from the Polimed Hospital in Sofia. They are very successful with complicated procedures of endoprosthesis of hip and knee joints and have completed operations such as simultaneous replacing both hip joints or both knee joints of the same patient. The long-term experience of the doctors and the fine technologies are at your side, and the patients of the hospital value highly conditions and caretaking at the facility.

Don’t overlook physiotherapy in recovering from an illness or operation – this way you will improve your quality of life and will save on future complications. Many cosmetic centres advertise as places for kinesitherapy and healing massage, but it is best to choose proven professionals. The therapists of Sveti Naum Centre in Sofia offer rehabilitation after orthopaedic problems, wellness, anti-cellulite and spa programmes. The HYPOXI technology helps remove fatty deposits and thanks to consultations with physiotherapists you can get optimal care programme for your body.

One of the most suitable places for cardiologic care is Cardio Centre Pontika in Burgas. The clinic provides classical treatment with the newest tomography scanner, cardiac catheterization, angiography and invasive diagnostics. You can count on admittance round the clock for emergencies such as myocardial infarction, aneurism and valvular insufficiency, and coronary bypass is carried on the spot, as well as surgery on the ventricles and valves. Postoperative care is first-class – you have access to the latest technology in intensive care and the full attention of the qualified staff.

Eye clinic Den is one of the first private eye clinics in Bulgaria, famous for its excellent results, highly-qualified personnel, latest technologies and good attitude to the patients. Here you can receive detailed information on your condition and diagnosis, as well as the treatment taken. Medical ethics is guaranteed with a video from the surgical intervention which you can receive. The doctors themselves have a preference for the clinic as well – yearly in Den between 200 and 300 medical specialists take their eye surgery, and 25 eye doctors have picked the clinic as well. The location in the centre of the city, the warm attitude of the staff and the excellent results make Den one of the most famous and sought after eye centres in the country.

QIAGEN is a market leader in molecular diagnostics for the detection of various viral and bacterial infections, as well as a wide range of genetic analyses for medical or scientific purposes. Our customers include healthcare facilities and institutes, with molecular biology facilities. SGP – Bio Dynamics Ltd. is the official distributor of QIAGEN Gmbh for Bulgaria. On of QIAGEN’s leading products is the Digene human papilloma virus (HPV) test for high-risk HPV type detection. The Digene test is widely used as a gold standard for cervical cancer prevention around the world. The test provides an objective estimate of cervical cancer risk, since it is able to discriminate between chronic infections and the ones, that are cleared naturally by the immune system. For several years, the method has been available in Bulgaria as well. Find out more about the test at

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in life, and good care for the mother and the child is crucial for their future health. Bulgaria offers some excellent options for early pregnancy diagnostics, and obstetric care.

A year ago the German genetic laboratory LifeCodexx launched their non-invasive molecular genetic PrenaTest ™ on the European market, which, through the extraction of cell-free fetal DNA from the mother's blood circulation, can make genetic analyses and detect with high precision the presence of Down, Patau or Edwards syndrome in the unborn baby. This advanced high-tech molecular genetic method is now available to the pregnant women in Bulgaria. One of its major advantages is that the blood-sampling can be drawn and tested at a very early stage of pregnancy – from 12 weeks of gestation on. The PrenaTest ™ also reduces the number of unnecessary invasive procedures and does not carry any risk for the baby and the mother. PrenaTest ™ is recommended for the high-risk group of pregnant women over the age of 35 years, with family history and/or bad results from first trimester screening and ultrasound finds. It is recommended that the pregnant woman, who will be tested with PrenaTest ™, first consult her doctor and/or a specialist in human genetics, in order to make the right decision for the course of her pregnancy.

Trust the excellent specialists in Bulgaria for the latest technology diagnostics. The doctors from Medical Centre Sveta Petka in Sofia conduct pregnancy tests starting from the 11th gestation week, and thanks to a blood and ultrasound test you can receive results for chromosomal conditions or Down syndrome. The centre works under licence by the Fetal Medicine Foundation in London. You can also get extensive information on the health of the fetus through fettle morphology and fettle echocardiography tests, carried out by qualified doctors.

Quality care is especially essential when you have a complicated and encumbering problem to solve such as difficulties conceiving. In order to find out the precise reasons and select the best method, you need precise tests from experienced professionals. The specialised hospital for active treatment of obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive medicine Sofia is the place to get full information, attention and dedicated specialists, who will research your case in details. The hospital has at its disposal the most current technologies and revolutionary methods in the area of assisted conception, which are introduced in Bulgaria for the first time – diagnostics and treatment of reduced ova reserve, technology for precise selection of vital sperm, as well as in vitro maturation, which reduces the risks associated with hormonal stimulation of the ovaries and facilitates the procedure. Through the ERA technology the individual optimal moment for conception is determined, and classical medical procedures, perfected by the specialists throughout the years, will increase significantly your chances of success.

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