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High quality of services and low prices provide a flow of medical tourists to Bulgaria

Health is not only precious – it's expensive, especially in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong with you. With dental treatment capable of leaving you in long-term debt, and simple diagnostic tests taking strips off your wallet, the thought of a medical paradise holds definite appeal. In recent years Bulgaria has been developing into one, combining easy destination within the European Union and good long-standing traditions in medical training to create highly specialised clinics and hospitals to treat a vast array of conditions. The country is now a favourite with Russian and Israeli patients as well as EU nationals for its inexpensive accommodation, impressive sightseeing and experienced medical professionals.

In Bulgaria there are highly specialised hospitals that treat specific
conditions or types of patients. Vitosha Orthopaedic Hospital falls into both categories – it boasts 10 years of experience in treating broken bones in elderly people. Their age and severe concomitant diseases with high cardiopulmonary risk mean extensive procedures, sometimes surgery, and a lengthy recovery process, but the staff of Vitosha Hospital is fully capable of taking them through it. The hospital excels at total hip replacement and uses high-quality orthopaedic implants, whose price is lower than everywhere else. For the last 10 years the staff has operated on five centenarian patients and dozens between the ages of 95 and 100 years, to great success.

Pro Vita Medical Centre reflects the trend of professionalism and excellent conditions that shows in Bulgaria's clinics. The centre has the latest generation of Siemens magnetic resonance, scanner, ultrasound scanner, X-rays and mammography unit. This is the place for
prevention, early diagnostics and treatment of every disease that can be identified using diagnostic imagery technique. Pro Vita is also the only centre in Bulgaria applying telemedicine, a method of sharing diagnostic results via Internet.

Whenever you feel that nature is no longer working in your favour, you can trust the staff of Kamee to consult you. The centre carries out correctional and esthetic surgery of breasts, nose, and ears, and performs liposuction and botox injections. You receive individual care and attention for your request, allowing you to feel comfortable and relaxed. The centre is equipped with modern technology for efficient treatment.

After a difficult recovery or a stressful period, don't overlook the importance of rehabilitation. Even a couple of procedures can do you a world of good in cases of orthopedical or neurological problems. St Naum Centre provides kinesitherapy, infrared cabin, and HYPOXI technology that improve the state of the muscles and blood vessels, while bringing back your sense of well-being.

Whether you have had a mishap in your favourite sport, or have a health problem, the Oxygena Hyperbaric Medical Centre in Varna has the right equipment for you. Recompression for divers, treatment of orthopedic injuries and ozone therapy will save you a lot of future
worries and ruined health.

Patients with reproductive problems can use the services of InVitro Medical Centre Dimitrov, established by Dr Yosif Dimitrov, one of the specialists who introduced in vitro in Bulgaria. The centre
specialises in treating all kinds of male and female infertility, as well as crioconservation of reproductive, tissue and stem cells. It employs an embryologist certified by ESHRE, while the consultant is the Austrian professor Feichtinger, leader of the team which accomplished the first in vitro baby in Austria. The centre is the only one in Bulgaria that is a member of the international association of in vitro clinics APART. To answer the questions of couples with problems, InVitro organises free consultancy each last Sunday of the month, which is individual and completely anonymous.

The greater the experience of medical laboratories, the higher trust patients place in them. This is certainly the case with Status laboratory, where you can get your full blood picture test,
microbiological and parasitological status, examination of viruses and cervical smears. The laboratory also has a home visits, if you want to combine health care with the comfort of your own home.

For high-quality clinical tests, turn to Sana laboratory. All the usual clinical sectors are covered in a world class fashion with exactness of results and observing the professional standards. The lab offers home visits and promotional packages, so you can get excellent service at very affordable prices.

Bulgaria is also a great choice to receive high-quality dental care at a good price.

When choosing the place to go to for a good dental service, take a look at the qualifications of the personnel and apparatus of the clinic. This will help you decide where to get tailored care with a certain level of results. A diverse service dental clinic such as the Abadzhievi Dental Center in Varna can offer many levels of treatment – from simple laser cleaning of tooth decay to bone regeneration for implants, fissure covering, plasma usage for accelerated wound healing and periodontal procedures. The excellent diagnostic and working tools make quick work of problematic procedures for children and adults alike.

If you want to give your smile an extra boost, aesthetic treatment can supply ceramic crowns and veneers, and dentures with cast metal framework.
 If you wish for a wonderful smile, look for the professionals. At Rai-Dent it is the team's mission to reach a balance between high esthetic requirements and individual specifics with every patient. Rai-Dent is a private dental practise founded in 1993. It is based in one of the quietest neighbourhoods at the "heart" of Sofia. The clinic corresponds to the international hygiene standards and achieves excellent results through painless manipulations and the patients' trust. A united team of qualified dental specialists, assistants and technicians takes care of you, and services range from professional oral hygiene and tooth therapy through endodontics, orthodontics and periodontal surgery to esthetic corrections – implants, ceramic restorations and whitening.

Another advantage of Bulgaria is the easy airplane connection with countries which also offer good traditions in high-quality health care.

Facing the battle with cancer is exhausting both physically and mentally, so you should make sure that you are in the hands of excellent specialists. This can happen in the Anadolu Medical Centre in Turkey, where patients receive not only specialised medical treatment, but also individual care and support from the moment of their arrival and also after leaving the hospital and during their recreation period. Individual programmes can significantly improve your condition, and the technology and professionals in oncology gathered in one place are vital for swift recovery. Patients appreciate this and come to Anadolu from all over Europe, the United States, and other countries. Attention is paid to those who accompany them as well, and support is available in many different ways.

Looking for a high-end ophthalmological care? The Istanbul based EyeSTAR LASIK Institute is among best options. Founded by internationally renowned researcher of the cornea and neural networks Dr. I. Gurkan Celikkol, the clinic has helped thousands of foreigners to get rid of their glasses and contact lenses. Latest generation of laser technology and professionalism are also implied in curing a wide range of eye diseases – from cataracts to macular degeneration, and correction of myopia and other refractive errors.

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