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Dental medicine in Bulgaria is coming under attention for its affordable rates and excellent quality

When was the last time you smiled freely, with no worries how your teeth might look? Dental issues can lower your quality of life quite a lot – if you let them. Aesthetics is just one side of it. Problems with teeth tend to get out of hand, since we postpone the visit to the dentist either out of fear or concern for the bills.

But in Bulgaria both are mitigated in the face of superb dental service and modern technology. Many medical tourists from Europe, Israel and Russia visit yearly to get various treatments for things usually considered costly – crowns, implants, surgery, or even simple cavities. Bulgarians living abroad return for a course of dental procedures, because while prices are lower, quality of service is comparable to any modern dental practice. Numerous clinics have risen to the demand, supplying even better training of specialists and technology to the patients.

All kinds of problems are treated in the dental centres, with complex and individual treatment plans available. Children get special care and many dental professionals now try to dispel the fear and turn the visit to the dentist into a curious and funny experience for them. The new methods for managing the pain help – anything from analgesics to hypnosis is used with good success rate, while laser treatment leave dental drills in the past.

The best treatment plan would be individually tailored not only to
your dental problems, but also to the rate of recovery after each
intervention and the processes going on. For full complex treatment
you can trust Dental Centre M3, where the plan is discussed with the
patient and alternatives are offered. No matter if you need
periodontology and biological tests, or dental surgery with incisions,
the procedures are carried out according to international standards.
The specialists take care to ensure the patient is comfortable and
pain-free. This goes double in the case of children, where motivation
plays a role in overcoming the fear. With them, the procedure of
sealing fissures is applied to the permanent teeth to reduce cavity
risk and keep dental troubles away.

Restoring your smile to its white glory can be easier than you think
with the advances in dental medicine. Dr Georgi Iliev, a specialist in
dental veneers who works in the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia's
Medical University, gives many reasons why this is a good option to
fix chipped or distanced teeth, discolouration and problems with
aesthetic appearance. Veneers are ceramic and long-lasting, with a life
of 15-20 years, they can match perfectly the normal colour of the
enamel, and they are customised to fit the patient. Additionally,
their width of 0,2-0,7 mm allows them to cover the outside of the
tooth perfectly and look natural.

Common problems such as bruxism or gummy smile find their solutions
with the experienced team of Pansanus Medical Centre, where modern
methods such as laser treatment and ozone therapy are applied. The
 latter treats bad breath, while lasers are used for bridge and crown
treatment. You can also get rid of teeth staining and orthodontic
problems with the therapies on offer, and Pansanus boasts its success
in the prophylaxis department and maintenance of the permanent teeth
of small children. The centre also offers periodontitis treatment with high power diode laser.

Dental centres have been gaining popularity for their accessibility
and complete set of services, which makes it possible to get an
individual treatment plan for a short time. You can combine the lure
of Plovdiv with the dedication of the specialists from the Dentaccord 
centre in order to go for a full course of treatment. With the main
avenues of dental medicine covered – implantology, periodontology and
aesthetics – you come out of a holiday in the bustling, attractive city
with an easy smile, acquired pain-free.

Complex treatment is always the better option. Even if you think you
know what is wrong with your teeth, some problems may be hiding really
well. When you are at the right place, your dentist can just call in
the other professionals – as is the case with Dr Perchinska, who
works in the Tokuda hospital in Sofia. The quick access and close
collaboration with hospital structures guarantees you treatment to
tackle any problem.

If you are in Sofia, consider a visit to Dr Milusheva Dental Clinic. Reputed for its experienced staff and quality treatment, the clinic is the place to seek and find help for a great variety of dental conditions. If the sea motivates you more, combine the pleasure with the necessity
and go for Burgasdent, the private dental clinic in Burgas which
offers root canal treatment, implantology and periodontology. The
dental specialists of the clinic have years of experience and provide
comfort and modern technologies in the course of treatment. In case
you have only aesthetic concerns for your smile, the teeth whitening
and teeth restoration procedures will give your self-esteem a boost.

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