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Private clinics and excellent technology in Bulgaria take care of your health, and your wallet

Even in a good life there comes a moment when you need to foot your medical bill. Innocent procedures such as a dental checkups or routine surgery can empty bank accounts speedily on such occasions, especially in most European countries. Not in Bulgaria.

Medical tourism is flourishing within the country, which boasts highly qualified specialists at low prices. Private clinics are springing up in cities and towns as fewer and fewer Bulgarians continue to rely on the threadbare state health fund. Instead the majority of locals, as well as a good number of foreigners, turn toward places that keep up with cutting-edge innovations and can still supply an inexpensive and versatile range of medical services.

Bulgaria gets visitors from Greece, Russia, Israel, Britain and Italy, to name a few countries, who are looking forward to improving their health and their looks with the help of local medical staff. Thanks to the well-established medical schools in the country, the professionals have a solid background and appreciation for additional specialisations, most often in leading clinics worldwide. The ever-increasing number of patients who are happy to get exceptional care in the private medical sector leads to a rich choice in equipment, staff, and location. The natural and cultural attractions of the country create a perfect union of convenience and usefulness – as soon as you step out of the plane, you can choose your preferred spot and get a holiday along with your treatment. Together with the price of a plane ticket, a journey to Bulgaria's health destinations and a full package deal can give you a huge saving on money and waiting time.

Dental medicine is one of the most popular targets for medical tourists to Bulgaria, who look for good and affordable quality. Dental clinics in the country can offer solutions to complicated and multi-step problems – if you need to get implants, get root canal fillings or need laser periodontal treatment, professionals will oblige. The best of them have years of specialisation under their belt, coupled with the latest technology in the field at their patient rooms.

When choosing the place to go to, take a look at the qualifications of the personnel and apparatus of the clinic. This will help you decide where to get tailored care with a certain level of results. A diverse service dental clinic such as the Abadzhievi Dental Center in Varna can offer many levels of treatment – from simple laser cleaning of tooth decay to bone regeneration for implants, fissure covering, plasma usage for accelerated wound healing and periodontal procedures. The excellent diagnostic and working tools make quick work of problematic procedures for children and adults alike. If you want to give your smile an extra boost, aesthetic treatment can supply ceramic crowns and veneers, long-term restorations and dentures with cast metal framework.

Dental clinics EO DENT are leaders in contemporary dental medicine not only in Bulgaria, but also worldwide. Implantology, laser treatment, 3D diagnostics, whitening, facets, zirconium constructions and more are offered in a comfortable and luxury environment. Many patients and celebrities choose this place. Hollywood star Sylvester Stalone renovated his smile with EO DENT. The clinic has traditions and its drive toward development and perfection is permanent. In 2011 the clinic received the Golden Seal award and honorary badge Golden Book for European health management.

Many visitors opt for the aesthetic dental treatments, which are hardly ever covered by health insurance. Thanks to advancements in technology, you won't need a long stay to take care of the small dental problems that trouble you. At places such as Dr. Ivanov's dental centre in Varna you can get ceramic facets to cover discolouration or fissures, crowns and implants, as well as complete aesthetic restoration. The metal-free constructions allow for natural look and feel, which lets you enjoy your image in the mirror and give sparkling smiles at parties.

All your dental service in one place – this is what a clinic such as Dental Centre Six can provide. With procedures ranging from oral surgery, orthodontics and implantology to dental physiotherapy and dental service for children, you can get easily a solution to every problem. Moreover, the advantage of having all the specialists of Dental Centre Six at the same place is that unforeseen problems will be switfly taken care of and you will have the right specialist for every treatment.

Visitors are also attracted by the highly specialised hospitals that treat specific conditions or type of patients. Vitosha Orthopedic Hospital falls into both categories – it boasts 10 years of experience in treating broken bones in elderly people. Their age and severe concomitant diseases with high cardiopulmonary risk mean extensive procedures, sometimes surgery, and a lengthy recovery process, but the staff of Vitosha hospital is fully capable of taking them through it. The hospital excels at total hip replacement and uses high-quality orthopedic implants, whose price is lower than everywhere else. For the last 10 years the staff has operated on five centenarian patients and dozens between the ages of 95 and 100 years, to great success.

When in need for a reliable urgent help, a consultancy with a GP or a specialist, consider Mediva Round the Clock Medical and Dental Centre, one of the first private centres in Bulgaria, in Lyulin. The centre has GP consulting rooms plus a surgery, a laboratory, a hospital, a pharmacy and an emergency unit. The dental unit offers help for kinds and for adults alike.

The idea that the health of the patient comes first seems to have fallen out of fashion, especially when pharmacy is concerned. But Erudita Pediatric Pharmacy is bringing it back into fashion. This is a place where you can get knowledge and care in addition to your bottle of bills, and the pharmacists can tell you with the utmost caution for your health what to get from your prescription and how to use it. Medicine is a serious thing which the staff here know very well, so you can't go astray in consulting them for advice.

The good medical service in Bulgaria is supplemented by equally good diagnostics. Take your tests at the Lipoguard medical and diagnostic laboratories to dispel all doubt of disease. This is the only Bulgarian laboratory specialised in testing lipid metabolism; it also offers medical advice and treatment. The thorough and comprehensive analysis of hematology, tumor markers, hormones or serology make the job of your doctor much easier and give you peace of mind; and the professionalism of the staff makes the whole experience a positive one.

The greater the experience of medical laboratories, the higher trust patients place in them. This is certainly the case with Status laboratory, where you can get your full blood picture test, microbiological and parasitological status, examination of viruses and cervical smears. The laboratory also has a home visits team at your disposal, which will take care of you in the comfort of your own home.

When you need cutting-edge technology, combined with award-winning hospital team and years of international experience, you can simply head to Turkey and the Anadolu Medical Centre. Housed in Kocaeli and Istanbul, the centre is affiliated with the Johns Hopkins Medicine, ranked as number one hospital in the United States. The vast range of medical problems that the medics of Anadolu can meet and treat does not preclude the human touch – at each level of service you are meant to be maximally comfortable and secure. The transparent treatment process allows you to choose your way around and ensures financial flexibility.

Looking for a high-end ophthalmological care? The Istanbul-based EyeSTAR LASIK Institute is among best options. Founded by internationally renowned researcher of the cornea and neural networks Dr. I. Gurkan Celikkol, the clinic has helped thousands of foreigners to get rid of their glasses and contact lenses. Latest generation of laser technology and professionalism are also implied in curing a wide range of eye diseases – from cataracts to macular degeneration, and correction of myopia and other refractive errors.

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