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Whether you have toothache or are dreaming of a perfect smile, you can get professional care and advice at Bulgarian dental clinics

Are you one of those patients who have a phobia about going to the dentist and try to avoid the experience as much as possible? Well, you may consider that an apple a day is healthy, but it is still not enough to keep the dentist away and sticking to this theory will do you no favours. The more you postpone your visit to the dental clinic, the worse things can get.

Nowadays, treatment of teeth and dental problems focuses heavily on prevention, so the earlier you go to see the dentist, the better the outcome. What is more important, the new technologies can provide a painless solution to every problem that you might have. There are also aesthetic procedures that will give you a shiny Hollywood smile at a competitive price.

The good news is that Bulgaria has one of the best dental services in Europe and is even a destination for dental tourism. Local private clinics have modern equipment and hire highly-qualified specialists who will make your visit a not unpleasant experience. Rates are much lower than in Western Europe and quality is guaranteed. That's why many Bulgarians who live abroad come back to have their teeth taken care of and an increasing number of foreigners are combining their holiday with a visit to a local clinic, and return home with their problems solved.

"I am confident enough in what I do, I think that we do everything at world level but at two or three times lower prices," says Dr. Ivanov founder and owner of private dental centre of the same name as his. "There are touristic companies which offer packages – dental care plus holidays – and that still costs cheaper than just the treatment anywhere else." Dr. Ivanov is very proud of his work in the field of restoration and dentures.

A complex program for full service of patients, living outside Bulgaria, is provided by Divadent Dental Clinic. The packages include accommodation at a hotel near the clinic, transportation to and from the hotel, as well as sightseeing tours in Sofia and its surroundings. The Clinic offers painless treatment, aesthetic dentistry, implants and hyaluronic acid injections, which will ensure your beautiful and shiny smile.

There is hardly anyone who doesn't want perfect teeth and a dazzling smile, achieved with the minimum of effort, and which will last for a long time. Professional cleaning, done on a regular basis, is one of the first steps in the process. Of course, to preserve the result, you should continue to care for your teeth at home, as the dentist advises you. As specialists, they will recommend the best tooth brush for your teeth and the most appropriate mouthwash, with specific ingredients suitable for you.

The next step to a perfect smile is teeth whitening, one of the most popular aesthetic dental procedures nowadays. It is harmless and effective when it is done after teeth cleaning and an assessment of the condition of your teeth by a dentist. The whitening can be done at home, with the help of bleaching gel strips or guard trays, which you will have to wear for several hours for a period of 10-15 days. You can also have the procedure done at the dentist's in a shorter time and the results are better. Just one procedure with the appropriate whitening materials will make teeth look brighter in a couple of hours.

The orthodontic correction of teeth alignment is effective for patients who would like to straighten their teeth without wearing braces, and the good thing about this procedure is that it can be done at any age. Regular visits to the dentist help the early diagnosis of different dental problems, and can save you a lot of money and pain. A single cavity found at an early stage can be treated quickly and painlessly. If you wait until it starts hurting unbearably, it will take much longer for the dentist to fix it, and the procedure will be more painful for you to endure. Any problem with your teeth that is not been detected in time can turn into a serious problem, with repeated visits to the dentist.

Anyone can find themselves in a situation when going to the dentist can't be delayed. If you have toothache, or a broken tooth or crown you need to see the dentist as soon as possible. If you are still hesitating, just follow the specialists' advice: if something hurts, then it is urgent. Any damage to the structure of a tooth is considered an emergency, so you'd better hurry. However, the best way to avoid emergency situations and painful experiences remains prevention, or going to the dentist before it starts hurting.

And when the problems with the teeth get worse and you need serious help, Dr. Tsvetelina Ducheva steps in. "We think most of all of our patients' well-being and their selfesteem," says Dr. Ducheva. "We offer aesthetic restoration of the teeth, that raises the standard of living of our patients," she adds.

Even the most complicated conditions can be effectively treated at the private Kotsilkovi Dental Clinic. Dr. Kotsilkov is a long experienced periodontolgist, working in the fields of implantology and bone restoration surgery. His colleague Dr. Georgieva is known for her excellent work especially in endodontics and orthodontic treatment of patients with periodontal diseases.

You can get your teeth cured at Kamendent as well. The owner orthodontist Dr. Kamen Tsvetanov has specialised in teeth and jaw deformation treatment and in bracket system treatment, which guarantees that you will step out of his cabinet with a real Hollywood smile.

Laser treatment is the most up-to date method for curing your teeth without pain. No shoot, no drill, no vibration, no stress. This is the best solution for all kind of caries, periodontal diseases and operations. With the help of light the most pleasant and best quality treatment is provided. You can enjoy the advantages of the laser treatment at the Dental Laser Clinic of Dr. Iren Vlahova.

Kavident Dental Centre is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities and also offers laser dentistry and laser teeth whitening. The centre specializes in the fields of aesthetic dentistry, implantology, children dentistry, physiotherapy, orthodontics as well. You can take advantage of the subscription packages available to companies and organizations, and also to families.

If you are in Plovdiv, check for yourself the slogan "Beautiful smile without pain" of the first laser dental centre in the city KK Dent. The clinic is equipped with a high energy laser, and offers treatment of different problems, as well as various aesthetic dental procedures.

The basic activity of Abadzhievi Prosthodontic Center in Varna is accomplishment of dental services through contemporary diagnostic and treatment methods in the area of dental implantology, periodontology, high level prosthodontics, conservative, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, surgery and prophylaxis. The centre is approved to be competent dental practice and desired partner through the high quality of the offered services, propriety and professionalism of Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Abadzhiev's team and their increasing interest in the modern treatment methods of dental medicine.

"Direct aesthetic restoration is almost art. This is a delicate and fine work which demands skills but also a lot of patience. The admiration and the satisfaction of patients with the results are worth the effort in this innovative method," Dr. Teodor Kanchev says. "The hands of the surgeon are what matters in implantology. This is the reason why so few dentists in Bulgaria dare to undertake this adventure," Dr. Kanchev adds.

"Our mission is to provide treatment according proven protocols for excellence in dentistry," says Dr. Milen Dimitrov from Dr. Ivan Dimitrov Dental Practice. The treatment methods applied in his clinic are the latest achievements in evidence based dentistry. The demand for precision requires for Dental microscope to be used on regular bases. The standards of care are in compliance with the American Dental Association requirements and that is why Dr. Ivan Dimitrov Dental Practice is preferred by foreign companies and expats.

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