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The quality of Bulgaria's dental services draws visitors from numerous countries

When I heard for the first time that my family friends, who had left for Britain years ago, suddenly returned out of nowhere for a short stay, that was strange news. As a rule, they didn't make visits to Bulgaria. Their reasoning for coming back was simple and logical: they needed to fix their teeth.

They are not the only ones to come here and get cheaper, yet qualified, dental aid. What cost them here only about 100 euros per person would have amounted to more than 1,000 in most Western European countries. There high living standards and high pensions go hand in hand with high prices of medical services. That is the reason why medical tourism to Bulgaria is so popular amongst people from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Israel and many others. But why is it that they choose to come exactly here?

To put it simply, they find high quality and low prices in Bulgaria. The medical education in the country produces fine dentists who open private practice, where the rates for dental service are acceptable by Bulgarian standards. By Western European standards, they are negligible. The state-of-the-art private clinics work with the national health insurance fund, but many Bulgarians ignore this fact altogether. The health insurance only covers one filling and one tooth extraction per year.

Medical tourists are spoilt for choice in quality dental practices. The standards of work are high and Bulgarian dentists keep in touch with their profession. The clinics cover all sorts of dental work – from orthodontic fixtures through teeth prostheses to whitening, treatment of diseases and surgery.

If you are not sure what your dental problem is, search for a bigger clinic with diverse specialists where you can easily switch to the one you need. At the Petar Duchev Clinic you will find top-range equipment and a team that works in all areas of dentistry – from teeth restoration to treatment of diseases and endodontic procedures of the tooth roots. The materials are selected to fit the patient’s needs and organism and come from experienced dental technicians.

Aesthetic dentistry is well-developed in Bulgaria. Many clinics and practices provide teeth restoration and great orthodontic care. One of them is Dr Pavel Pavlov, who is a member of the Bulgarian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry. He models gum and teeth contour to achieve harmonic features, polishes the teeth with air flow jet and uses ceramic and metal-ceramic constructions for aesthetic restoration. In addition to his collaboration with the best implantologists in Sofia, he offers individual treatment and financial plans for the comfort of his patients.

This sector of dentistry is developing very quickly and with the latest technologies you can correct every small defect in your smile. And it can be virtually pain-free as well, as the team of Smile Dental Services proves to the patients. No matter if you are going there to get your teeth whitened, receive implants, have gaps between the teeth filled in or cover problem teeth with thin porcelain veneers, the professionals at the clinic will work fast, prioritising your comfort.

One of the most popular procedures for dental tourism is orthodontic treatment. It often lasts several years and includes a full course of evaluation, application of braces or retainers and follow-up checks. It is good to have a reliable and experienced dentist who you will stick with for the duration of the treatment. The small but dedicated practice of Dr Kamen Tsvetanov, who specialises in treating dental deformations and working with all sorts of braces, is a suitable choice. His practice also includes inserting aesthetic crowns and bridges. The metal-ceramic fixtures can be ready in just two days by express order.

At Valor clinic you will be taken step-by-step through the orthodontic treatment for any problem, including poor occlusion and teeth order. The specialists collaborate to achieve the perfect smile and the clinic offers combined treatment for cases that require the attention of a dental surgeon or a prosthesis specialist. The digital image diagnostics reduce the radiation exposure and give more precise pictures than the traditional radiography.

Dental implants are a delicate and permanent procedure and it is vital that you choose your dentist carefully; otherwise you might have more problems in case the organism rejects them. Dr Uliana Kiriakova uses modern titanium implants that are biologically compatible and allow the building of new bone structure around them. Putting the implant in the jaw requires a small surgery and post-operative care, in which her practice also specialises.

The signs of a good implantology clinic are keeping abreast with the new technologies and updating the professional knowledge of the dentists. Dr Presiyan Krastev heads a small team, which specialises in bone regeneration in aesthetic oral implantology and periodontology. The patients receive high-standard treatment and an individually tailored approach based on the latest innovations. Dr Krastev and his team attend the most renowned dental forums every year. They have been recognised by the Global Institute for Dental Education with the Best Case Presentation Award in 2009 and have received the Best Implant Case Award at the national contest "Smile of the Year" for 2010.

When in a hurry to do your dental maintenance, go to a place that has everything at hand. At the Rai-dent centre you will find the necessary procedures for a flawless smile, from cleaning the stains on your teeth to surgery and implants, as well as prophylaxis of your dental hygiene.

Whitening your teeth is not just a vanity – it is sometimes necessary in order to remove stains from smoking or coloured food and drinks. The problem is that many of the contemporary methods for teeth whitening break down the integrity of tooth enamel. If you want to do it harmlessly, search out dental studios equipped with the new BEYOND system. It uses a thin ray of blue light and a special patented gel formula for non-invasive whitening. One of the few places that have the system is Dr Yovcheva's practice, which also offers the complete package of dental procedures, digital radiography and a modern test for caries threat.

In complicated cases evaluation by an interdisciplinary dental team allows you to plan a treatment schedule and prioritise the interventions. This is a new approach for Bulgaria, but it already has followers. At the D.S. Dent clinic such patients are seen by a team of highly specialised dentists who regularly specialise abroad. They discuss and determine the treatment steps which every one of them will take.

Even in a private practice you can get complex treatment for a combination of dental health issues. In the comfortable setting of Dr Kamenov’s office you will get the answers to all your questions and full treatment information. Dr Kamenov is a general dental practitioner and is oriented to complex cases, collaborating with specialists where necessary. Some dental clinics draw more patients from abroad, usually because of their speedy work with the latest technologies. At Medical Dent one of the great advantages of having aesthetic dental work is the CEREC technology which allows the specialist to create ceramic crowns in a single visit. The radiography and 3D planning of implants guarantee precise and quick work in the actual intervention. Your cavities will be cleaned painlessly, while the aesthetic dentistry skills of the team will supply you with a smile to show off everywhere.

The full course of dental treatment may be longer than just one or two visits, because the organism needs to adjust to the intervention. Arm yourself with patience and find a dentist who spreads the treatment schedule into a gradual process. At Zara Dental Studio a specilaist in anterior and posterior restorations, full ceramic crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers and colour corrections will take care of the full package for transforming your smile. The treatment is carried out with meticulously selected materials and procedures, ensuring quick recovery.

In case of medical emergency or intense pain between the treatment stages that your dentist has not warned you about, you should immediately seek help – or else you risk undoing all the work and even causing harm. One place that is open to patients day and night, during holidays and weekends, is Mediva Medical and Dental Centre. The qualified and specialised personnel perform dental surgery, dentistry for adults and children, ultrasound cleaning and dental physiotherapy. It is also possible to arrange for a home visit with portable instruments.

A full medical and dental centre will serve you best if you want to do all your medical procedures at once. The specialists at Pansanus Medical Centre stick to their creed of ensuring health and aesthetics to their patients in order to help them achieve good quality of life. In the centre you can find subscription service, free consultations through computer programmes, general practitioners and dentists.

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