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Life originated in the ocean and we, humans, probably remember this somewhere deep inside of us, as water expanse has been attracting us from the oldest times. Our ancestors had crossed seas and had sailed from island to island, until they settled all inhabitable corners on the planet.

Some of the most exciting and beloved stories in the history of humankind – like the ones of Odysseus and of Sinbad, of Robinson Crusoe and of Captain Nemo – are about travels, adventures and trials at sea. The Age of Discovery has shaped the world as we know it today, and interesting discoveries of new animal and plant species in oceans are regularly appearing in the news.

Sea has the power to lure and for people, to whom its call is stronger, the ordinary sunbathing on the beach is not enough. For people with adventurous spirit, sea is an opportunity. The opportunity to know the world, to taste excitement, to discover new land and seascapes, experiences and friends, to try their will and wit, to enjoy every minute of their freedom.

For a day, a week or a month, sailing takes you out of the routine not only because you are far from land. It frees you of the limitations of ordinary hotels and empowers you to change the place you spend the next night at your whim. Sailing is full with experiences that are impossible anywhere else but in sea – like going around romantic, desolated islands and coves that are not accessible from land. When you are on the yacht, the petty worries of the everyday and the habit of checking your Facebook every five minutes disappear. There are so many other things to see and do instead: fish are jumping nearby, the stars are unusually big, a new harbour is awaiting you, or you are simply laying, blissful, lost in the wobble of waves.

In the past years yacht culture became popular in Bulgaria. There are few marinas  on the Bulgarian Black Sea, but the proximity of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea made the difference, and the number of yacht owners began to grow. The call of the sea is too strong and once you get the bug, it will be for life.

No-one is born with skills, and at sea, professionalism is the thin line defining if the holiday will be an unforgettable pleasant experience. Whatever questions you might have on yachting, you will find a friendly and competent answer at Lounge Yachting (Sofia, 75B Cherkovna Str, floor 1, FB: and on Founded by Ventsislav Dobrinov and Tanya Dzhachkova, two enthusiasts with years of experience in crossing of seas and oceans, the company has defined as its goal to be a trustful and reliable advisor for anyone who needs help in any field of yachting. At Lounge Yachting you will find sailing courses and the one and only training centre of the RYA, or the Royal Yachting Association of Great Britain, in Bulgaria. If you would rather enjoy a yacht trip, Lounge Yachting will advise you on sailing destinations and will find the perfect yacht to rent and crew for you. If you prefer to purchase or build your own custom-made yacht, Lounge Yachting will provide you with a design project and assist you in every stage of the building process.

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