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Plovdiv's refurbished Roman stadium Plovdiv's refurbished Roman stadium © Anthony Georgieff

The city is a charming autumn destination

Summer is over, but the opportunities for an incredible holiday in Bulgaria are not. The best place to enjoy warm temperatures, beautiful nature and refined city atmosphere is Plovdiv – the city that has won the hearts of many tourists as a favourite autumn destination.

The city with over 7,000 years of history meets all the epochs of its past in a surprisingly harmonic cityscape. In the centre of Plovdiv intermingle ruins from the times of the ancient Thracians and Romans, old mosques and churches and Revival Period houses from the 18–19th centuries; with the clock on the tower on Sahat Tepe hill still measuring the time.

The opportunities to spent some pleasant days here are countless: to walk under the colourful leaves of the City Garden trees and by the sumptuous houses in the Old Town; to sequester yourself into some of the small cafés in the centre; to dine in some of the many nice restaurants. In the recent years, Plovdiv has boosted its cultural opportunities as well, with the Roman stadium's complete renovation and the opening of the Small Basilica museum, which preserves precious floor mosaics from the 5–6th centuries.

When the weather is bad, opt for a visit of the city's many museums and galleries. The Archaeological and Ethnographical museums offer an informed glimpse into the city's past, and the contemporary art exhibitions in the Ancient Bathhouse gallery give Plovdiv a modern twist.

If you are at Plovdiv between 22 and 24 November, don't miss the Festival of the Young Wine where you can taste new vintages.
Plovdiv, however, is much more than its Old Centre.

In case you want to shop and have fun in the city of the seven hills, indulge yourself into the Mall Galeria Plovdiv experience. The mall is a city in the city, where you can collect unforgettable memories with your friends and family – playing table tennis, training in the fitness center or climbing, and then entrusting the stylists in the special beauty zone with your flawless appearance.

Enjoy freshly prepared breakfast or lunch, coffee with friends or a business talk in the comfortable refreshment zones. Mall Galeria Plovdiv will also prepare you for the winter days with its more than 100 trendy stores where you can refresh your wardrobe or spoil yourself with a new purchase. Children will be pleased with the abundance in the specialised shops, the entertainment areas and the variety of surprises in Mall Galeria Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is not only a place for having fun. Situated only 120 km from Sofia, the city is also a good destination for medical tourism.

LitoMed Medical Centre specialises in curing of kidney diseases. In it, a special German technology apparatus working through magnetic impulses for breaking down kidney stones is used. The procedure is completely pain-free and effective. The specialists from LitoMed have rich experience, with over 2,000 patients having passed through the centre.

Plovdiv may be beautiful and full of history, but don't miss the opportunity to explore its environs. In the Rhodope, close to the city, you will find sites of interest like the Kuklen Monastery, the Asenova Fortress and Belintash Thracian sanctuary.

And what about some horse-riding? Horse Riding Club Trakiec, in the Zhitnitsa village near Plovdiv, has open-air riding school and a riding-hall and is open the whole year round. The horses are cared for in modern stables. In Horse Riding Club Trakiec there is also a hotel with all amenities, an excellent restaurant and a wonderful wine cellar – an ideal excuse to prolong your few-hour stay into a few-day holiday.

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