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Pools are the best choice for a cool day off in the heart of the city

It is summer and you are stuck in the city, while everyone else has already headed to the sea. The heat suffuses your mind and body, and when you pass a fountain you are overwhelmed by the desire to jump in. You even feel a little bit envious of the gypsy kids who ignore the warning signs and have fun in the water as though they were on a real beach.

The good news is that Sofia offers several options of finding respite from the summer heat. Outdoor swimming pools and city beaches await you in the centre of the capital, as well as in its surroundings. They have everything necessary to make you feel as if you were on holiday. Most of the city swimming complexes are equipped with large pools of different depths, so that they are suitable for avid swimmers as well as for kids and people who are afraid to go into the deep end. Deckchairs, umbrellas and poolside bars offering cold drinks and food will make your stay a comfortable and relaxing experience. You just have to put on your swimsuit and pick the place that best suits you.

Green trees and crystal blue water welcome visitors to the Paradise complex, situated just near Sofia in the area of Kubratovo village. Stone paved paths meander through the carefully maintained gardens. A wooden bar offering food and cocktails tempts you with its welcoming shade. Children can enjoy a special small, shallow pool equipped with a water slide.

Regular visits to the city swimming pools, however, might give you more radical ideas of how to cool down your summer. What could be better than having the constant opportunity to swim and sunbathe without even leaving your house? A private pool in your own backyard is the best solution for the high temperatures of summer. Several years ago having a pool of your own was considered a privilege available only to the rich. Nowadays it is a convenient solution which many people take advantage of. Companies can provide a great variety of options and affordable prices. All you need is enough space and a close look at the offers on the market.

The most important thing to do once you have made up your mind is to find a reliable company to design and construct your pool. The Dobrich based Bomar Ltd is one of the established names in the field of pool and spa construction. Pools made by Bomar Ltd are designed after a careful examination of the terrain and in accordance with the client's ideas and preferences. Their product range includes hydro insulation, glues, joints, glass, pool equipment and filter systems produced by the leading Spanish company Astral Pool. Highquality materials from the Finnish company HELO are used in the construction of spa facilities, saunas and steam baths.

The materials and technologies used are most essential where the building of a pool is concerned. Luto Ltd offers design and construction of swimming pools using the French technology Jean Desjoyaux. It is different from other similar methods in two ways. The use of doublewalled plastic formwork, into which the concrete is poured, enables the quick construction of pools in various shapes. The water filtration uses the help of monoblocks, meaning no service premises, pipe systems or openings on the walls or the bottom of the pool need to be constructed. The combination of monoblocks and PVC coating is also suitable for a quick and easy renovation of old pools.

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