You cannot say that you have seen or that you know anything about Bulgaria, if you haven't been to Veliko Tarnovo. Located on the picturesque meanders of the Yantra River, the city has blended together its rich mediaeval history as…
The country is open for travel, adventures and pleasant experiences all year round
Ancient and modern, this city is for everyone who loves life and art
From tranquility to clean nature and luxury: the Bulgarian Black Sea has it all
The Danube cradles one of Bulgaria's most remarkable cities
Top destinations in Bulgaria and near it to fall in love with
Beaches and tranquility, nightlife and adventures, luxurious hotels and quiet abodes – the Bulgarian Black Sea coast has something for everyone
When looking for a piece of Bulgaria which is full with character, Ruse takes one of the first places. The biggest Bulgarian city on the Danube is the richest throve of fin-de-siècle architecture in the whole country, beating by far…
Paintings, sculptures, decorative art and photography from a local artist are the best souvenirs
"Where to go?," is a question most of people have asked themselves at least once, when they have faced the following hard questions: a couple of free days; desire to run away to some romantic place with his or hers…
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