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Prepare your children for school with courses which will enrich their knowledge and skills

The traditional perception of summertime as more suitable for holiday, and the autumn for more serious study is a prejudice. And yet, something being a prejudice doesn't mean that it is not true. Studying in the hot and sunny weather may keep you in good intellectual shape, but on the whole, the autumn learning is more effective. It contributes better to remembering the already learned, mastering new knowledge, and for transition to the more demanding phase of the year.

The beginning of the study period for pupils also makes autumn courses preferred over the summer ones. Concentration is harder when the hot sun burns outside, and the sea or the mountain want your attention. In such atmosphere, the room gets smaller and the thinking somehow finds a way to slip around the mandatory. Of course, there are no universal truths and everything is individual, but still...

To achieve the golden means it is advisable to balance your autumn courses with your overall level of workload and obligations. It is important to reach a comfortable equilibrium in everyday life. In your schedule, or your child's schedule, there has to be some time for rest and recreation. In case you finish work at 6 pm, your German or programming classes start at 6.30, you arrive at home at 10 pm and in the morning you have to be at work, learning new things won't be so easy.

The same goes for your children. Studying, apart from concentration and work, requires fresh mind.

The fall is time for entering a new study period, remembering and asserting the already familiar, and for mobilisation at school. After the summer break your children need smooth transition to a more demanding and ambitious agenda. The team of the Children's academy of sciences, arts and sports (Sofia, 9-13 Hristo Tsenov St, phone: 0876 929 249, understands this and offers different autumn courses without excessive pressure. The main priorities of the Academy are foreign languages, mathematics, computers, history, music, and sports. The children effortlessly learn and participate actively in the process. Amongst the foreign languages taught at the Academy are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Qualified specialists look for the balance between study and play and know that the combination of the two lead to accumulation of the best knowledge. The dramatisations, singing of songs, and story-telling using cubs or cards, the interactive board, audio and video games, all contribute to the facilitation of the studies and make them fun.

The earlier enrolment requires better planning and arrangement of time. It is preferable to the option to enrol at the last minute or a week before the courses start. Sometimes earlier enrolment also involves a good rebate from the course fee.

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