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Education, entertainment, health, arts: when you know where to look for it, your kids will have the best childcare

Running on the streets, unprotected; playing blind man's buff until late in the evening; spending the summers with Granny, in a small town or a village: this is how childhood looks like in the memories of the generation of Bulgarians, who are now having their own children. Back at the time, there were no computers and flat TVs with dozens of channels, and no one could think about spending the summer vacation in studying a language abroad. Chocolate was rare.

But things change, and the task of modern parents is to find a way of giving to their children the best of both worlds: the freedom to play and to risk for themselves, and the protection to be safe in an environment which looks increasingly dangerous; to enjoy the best bits of newest technology without loosing touch with the joys of non-virtual world; to learn new languages and skills, without sinking in a sea of information; to understand and enjoy art, to create.

This is a tough battle, and parents could often feel alone and lost: everyone around seems as if he or she is having the only valid opinion of how a child should be taken care of: the grandparents and the friends, the neighbours and the strangers in the street; the books and the Internet. Especially the Internet.

However, there are people and places around which are ready to help. Kindergartens and children centres, arts, sports and languages schools – the world is full with professionals who are eager and prepared to help you in providing the best care for your kids. In the past decade, in Bulgaria, new and cosy kindergartens and children centres are being opened, providing loving care with opportunities for kids to learn while playing, and to explore the world in a safe environment. Courses for everything, from a variety of foreign languages to yoga to folklore dances, and from swimming to martial arts to painting and pop singing are offered by private educational centres.

The world is full with opportunities, for you and your child. You, together, only need to make a choice.

Neda Travel: Fun summer, smart kids

Children love the summer vacation: the long days are great for playing in the outside, going to the sea, meeting friends. This, however, doesn't mean that they cannot learn lots of new and interesting things in this period.Neda Travel (phone: +359 887 620 208; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; has rich experience in the field of organising summer holidays for children and now offers an interesting set of 7, 10 and 14-day long programmes in the International Children Sport and Linguistic Centre at Kranevo, on the Black Sea. There, children can enjoy the fun of swimming, riding horses and engaging in all sort of sports, while mastering their English in specifically designed courses, and learning tonnes about astronomy, history and many other things. Register them in the summer programmes of Neda Travel, and when they come back home, your children will be tanned, happщ and smart.

Qi Yo Yoga: The road to spiritual and physical health

Qi Yo Yoga (International Customer Service:, Skype: Qi.Yo.Multi.Yoga; Bulgaria, Kyustendil, 7 Gyeshevsko Shose Blvd, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is an innovative blend of the diverse spiritual teachings of the East, combining in an unique way the philosophy and benefits of yoga and martial arts. The organisation works with various institutions to teach yoga to children and in the past few years it collaborated with partners in the New York City and India. Qi Yo Yoga has donated money, school supplies and yoga gear, and sent yoga, meditation, hygiene, and healthy eating habits teachers. Now, the organisation is coming to help the Bulgarian children. In the past six months, Qi Yo Yoga has been holding online webinars with children in Bulgarian schools helping them to learn more on positive lifestyle habits such as meditation, physical practice, healthy diet, proper breathing, and positive thinking. In 2016, Qi Yo Yoga will open workshops in Sofia and Varna, and its founders, Agung and Ariadne, will hold an educational tour around the country.

Lipa 4:19 Bulgaria: Fulfilling the dream

Dancing, singing, acting: when your child craves to be on stage or sings all day long the songs from Frozen or by Beyoncé, it is time to visit LIPA 4:19 Bulgaria (Sofia, 135 Dondukov Blvd; phone: 0876 887 419;This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;, the local branch of the famed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. LIPA 4:19 Bulgaria is the place where children make their first steps in performing arts under the guidance of the best specialists in the field, in professional and demanding atmosphere. In the summer, LIPA 4:19 BG organises intensive summer schools in the Zaimov Park, Sofia, and in Liverpool, on the following modules: Musical Theatre Week for children aged 7-19; Dance Fusion Week for children aged 7-19; The Voice Week for children aged 7-19; Mini Musical Movers for children aged 4-6; Acting Week for children aged 7-19; Get Real Week for children aged 13-19.

Mila Private Kindergarten: Between the city and the mountain

For its 16 years of existence, Mila Private Kindergarten (Sofia, 4 Maystor Milenko Radomirets St and 5 Maystor Pavel ot Krimin; phone: 0888 669 914) has established as a place for modern education in a friendly atmosphere. Situated at the foot of the Vitosha, the kindergarten offers programme teaching English and Russian, Latin and Bulgarian folk dances, football and taekwondo, and a dedicated specialists devoted to developing children's talents. The kids are divided into three age groups after a custom-made programme following the official educational standards, and the modern outdoor toys in the kindergarten's play yards fit the European safety and quality requirements.

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