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Choosing a competent and reliable accountant is a matter of trust

Arguably the hardest part of having a company is managing the accounting.

What you imagine when looking at the appeal of starting your own business is certainly not being swamped by the books, having to submit innumerable forms to the state and facing a multitude of inexplicable acronyms inherent to any tax and revenue system. And why not free yourself of the drudgery?

Leave it to the professionals to make sense of everything and give you the ready numbers, while you dedicate yourself to the business.

Subscription service is always a popular option because it saves you the bother of keeping your own accounting department. Instead the accounting house can do your monthly and yearly reports. Galipso offers everything necessary for small and middle companies in a package service – doing the salaries and social security of the staff, complying accounting policy with the particulars of your work, yearly financial reporting. Besides submitting the reports to the institutions, you can also request managerial data reports, and the specialists will apply the relevant documents of Bulgarian legislation to your business.

The constant accounting law amendments can play you a foul trick if you have no expert to rely on. You can safely turn to ABA-58, an accounting firm which specialises in consulting on individual cases, practices and legislation. The subscription services that they offer include regular reports on corporate operations, annual financial closing and the drawing up of tax and insurance contributions documents.

If you are looking for a guarantor for your activities in the country as a foreign investor, you can trust Schetokonsult Ltd. The company is specialised in the area of accredited representation, accounting and financial services. You can count on professional service, loyalty and partnership.

Accounting house Norn Consult offers a rich range of accounting services. With the help of package services of the company you save time and money – this way you can make the accounting reflect the characteristic requirements of your business and always work in a time frame convenient to you.

Services offered by accounting companies are not limited simply to accounting in Bulgaria – companies such as Tara Account can advise you in the area of international accounting standards, corporate finance or labour legislation. The young and expert team will give you an individual approach no matter the case: big company, non-profit organisation or self-employed.

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