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Navigate the international linguistic maze with expert help

The power of borders to stop commerce and travel is waning by the day, but language deterrents stay strong. Thankfully, the experts are there to translate cultures for you and their package services are a relief when you have to deal with institutions, editing or localising products. Bulgaria has a good tradition in linguistic studies and, as a member country to the European Union, in it you can find a rich selection of languages and translation services.

Availability of translators and languages may be a problem, but not with Prevodachi.eu. The company boasts 20 offices in Bulgaria that can accept your documents for translation and legalisation in the Foreign Ministry. Trust the translators to handle difficult technical and legal documentation, as well as help out with interpretation during visits, conferences and business meetings. More than 40 languages feature in the portfolio of the specialists – from the classical English, German and Russian to Polish, Finnish, Chinese and Hebrew. The good news is that you can have their assistance round the clock – there is a special twenty-four-seven phone line where you can find a helping hand with your documents.

You don't need to look for business staff to do technical and juridical translations for your company. Just trust the professionals from Content Translations to do a quality and competent translation for you. With more than 15 years of experience, the company offers translations of technological descriptions, exploitation manuals, documentation for medical and mining technology, insurance policies, court documents and others. Your impending headache is averted with the services of editing and proof-reading the text for printing or for official documents and with Content Translations you can legalise documents necessary for Bulgaria or abroad.

When you work with tight schedules and need speed and quality, there is double pressure to find a company able to do translations on time. With Lega Trans you can be certain of the expertise and excellent preparation, since the company holds the international translator standard EN 15038:2006 and has developed the necessary technical base. Trust the skilled legal translators with documents, contracts and EU projects – they will deliver in a timely manner and observing strict professional confidentiality.

Media content is notoriously easy to get lost in translation – there are constraints of length, expressiveness, turn of phrase and local meaning to keep in mind. BGText is there to help with any translation, dubbing and subtitling. The professionals of the studio have a portfolio of over 20 languages and can take care of your website, catalogues and advertising brochures – anything your project or business may need at supreme quality.

Whether you need document translations or interpreting, you are likely to find it with Accent translation agency. Confidentiality, accessible prices and prompt delivery are chief principles in the work of the Accent translators. The high quality of the translation is guaranteed, and thanks to the contract with the Foreign Ministry your documents can quickly go through the proper channels for legalisation.

When you come head to head with the inevitable legalisation of documents for education or work abroad or want to legalise your diploma in Bulgaria, pick a company such as ABV Studio, registered with the Foreign Ministry. The agency corresponds to all requirements of the Ministry and works according to the international standard for translation services EN 15038:2006 which sets clear criteria for high quality. The experienced translators and editors assist you with the correct translation of technical, medical, administrative and juridical texts.

Dealing with translation of specialised texts under tough deadlines is stressful, so the help of a company with experience in handling such situations is priceless. If you find yourself in such circumstances, you can trust the professionals of Magistra Ltd. translation agency. Magistra has a contract with the Consular Department of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry and holds a BDS-EN-15038 standard quality certificate. Magistra's translators will handle professionally a variety of law, medical and pharmaceutical texts, financial documents, certificates, business reports, technical specifications, diplomas, etc. All translators have signed a confidentiality declaration, which guarantees non-proliferation of the information in the translated text.

Technical and scientific translations are problematic even for experienced specialists, but in Babylon Translations you get the expert service. All texts are edited by carriers of the language, and the specialists of the company are members of the Association of Translators. Additionally, you can legalise your documents with the help of the agency. If you want a permanent solution to linguistic trouble, Babylon Translations will help you out again with distribution and support of specialised translator software SDL Trados for Bulgaria.

You want to go international with your product? Omniage will help you in all areas of localisation of text, software, website or application, will recreate your marketing concepts on the language you desire and will cover your needs for specialised translation. The quality standards include machine translation of great blocks of text, back translations and independent expert review.

Bulgaria and Romania are neighbours, but language distance between them is great – at least until you take Radutsov company for your assistant and partner. The company specialises in translations into Bulgarian and Romanian of company documents in every area, legalisation in the Foreign Ministry and interpretation. If you have a business meeting or trip to attend, get an accompanying interpreter to keep in touch with your surroundings.

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