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Navigate your way through linguistic services in Bulgaria

Have you ever had the feeling that you and Bulgarian authorities speak different languages? The absurd mess of obsolete procedures aside, foreigners and expats face an inevitable language barrier in their official dealings. But the problem is not insurmountable – there are plenty of language specialists on your side.

Bulgarian institutions are insistent on their obscure kind of documentation – which means that more often than not you will be issued official documents and statements in Bulgarian only. Letters passed through the administration also have to be in Bulgarian, so if you need to pursue your matters in writing, prepare accordingly. Translation services are your quickest way to smooth out the tangles, and in a country with such an obscure language they flourish.

A casual glance at the translation bureaux and agencies will tell you that many different nationalities deal with Bulgaria. The range goes from the ubiquitous English and the vastly popular German and Russian to some more removed ones such as Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic and Vietnamese. The close ties to the Balkan neighbours have resulted in a relatively large proportion of Greek and Serbian speakers, although Romanian is not as wide-spread. And a good number of the Bulgarian Turkish citizens are bilingual, so Turkish is actively present as well.

In case you need a written translation to official documents, it would be best to trust reputed agencies which select their translators with certain care. Check beforehand at the institution if you should have your documents translated by a specialist certified by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the agency will supply you with such, but prices may be higher than ordinary. The completed translations may need to be verified with a notary stamp, which some agencies offer as well. Seek out bigger agencies with more experience, which would have certainly dealt with cases like yours before – although smaller agencies may do the same job at lower prices, it is worth saving yourself some hassle and having someone take care of the standard verifications for you.

Once you have found a good translation service or agency, stick with it to ensure continuity in your correspondence. With a provider such as Content Translations you get dedication from the team, promptness, reliability and expertise. The company covers many fields of business translations – from law and accounting documents to localisation of software, catalogues, advertising and legalisation of private and corporate documents. The flexibility of the company ensures that your needs will be covered.

Another case where it pays to have an experienced translator is when you work with business contracts and property transactions. Usually these would be undertaken by a specialist in the legal language you need, which would give you an understandable version of the document. Make sure you provide enough time for the translation of a long document. To clear up any possibility of misunderstanding, you can then ask for a separate translation back into the original – the resulting differences will show problematic areas in the phrasing and you can then work out the kinks.

This goes especially for questionnaires and advertising slogans, where you may need to consult a linguistic specialist to make sure statements are unambiguous. Among the companies that use these quality methods is Boadicea Translation Agency, which adjusts to your special projects and double-checks consistency of translation. The agency, which supplies written translations and interpreting, works with 27 languages and sworn translators. It is licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can also legalise your documents within Bulgaria or abroad.

Often submitting official documentation entails tiresome trips from office to office. Some companies can save you the trouble and frustration by taking care of the transport and logging of documents. Now that you have the translation ready, you may need to send documents for legalisation in another city – or even country. Courier company Econt takes care of that problem for you. That goes even for locations outside Bulgaria. Travellers to Canada, for example, need their visa documents forwarded to the embassy in Romania. Simply use the two-way sending service by Econt with 10 percent discount and your documents will be delivered safely, then returned within a 24-hour time frame. You can go on your holiday with no worries, be it on the Black Sea coast or in Greece – the delivery will find you.

Getting an interpreter for your conference is not difficult, since many international events take place in Bulgaria. If you are after a particular language such as Swedish or Hebrew, make sure you start looking early enough – good interpreters in hard-to-find languages may be in high demand. Plan out the event to see if you need simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, and if possible, send available materials ahead of time. This way interpreters will get a chance to acquaint themselves with the particular topic, which will produce a higher-quality interpretation – and that can only be in your favour.

Wherever interpretation at certain events requires intensive training and preparation, you can trust the professionals from Transal Services. They are qualified according to the requirements of the European Union and specialise in legal, economic and technical texts, helping you overcome the language barriers and bring understanding in communication with your partners.

When you work with tight schedules and need speed and quality, there is double pressure to find a company able to do translations on time. With Lega Trans you can be certain of the expertise and excellent preparation, since the company deals in other European Union countries as well and has developed the necessary technical base. Trust the skilled legal translators with documents, contracts and EU projects – they will deliver in a timely manner and observing strict professional confidentiality.

Provide your translation with context and editing, all within the same team of professionals – this is what Sanskrit translation agency offers. Its close to fifteen years of experience mean that you can always have a helping hand when translating, correcting or editing documents, verifying them in the Bulgarian institutions or even sending them within the country. The company, which has a staff of more than 110, also consults in public procurement procedures and holds a Bulgarian State Standard certificate.

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