On the road to the ideal conference, seminar, wedding
When we talk about the development of the IT industry in Bulgaria, good news prevails.
Outsourcing is no more a foreign word in Bulgaria. Outsourcing has become a synonym of success
Contemporary trends in the field of human resources put personality in the centre of business
Stepping on a new market, improving of performance and efficiency, implementation of a new technology: regardless of the particular problem, every business meets challenges it is unable to solve with its internal resources.
In the globalised world, effective commu­nication is more valuable than gold
Even when our interest in sport is vague, we love watching sport movies – from the cliché-heavy titles for killing some time to masterpieces like Million Dollar Baby – because the of the topic they usually present. It is about…
Only the best is good enough for the company that engineers, produces and exports aluminium profiles to all corners of the globe, from New York to Singapore, and is a long term partner to prestige automakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz…
It could be an important part of the work of your company. It could be an important moment in your personal life. It could be key for the cause you are engaged with. The modern man or woman can hardly…
Sofia's popularity as a tourist and business destination is growing. An increasing number of foreigners is seen and heard on the streets in the centre, and in the annual ranking of Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index for the European cities…
The requirements for European funding or of a new market make you dizzy? Look for a professional consultant
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