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Style, adventures and an opportunity to make an impression, for example

Let us be clear about one thing first. "Men" do not exist, just as "women" do not exist. There are different individuals with different tastes and desires. Some salivate over a new Porsche, others dream to climb Everest without mask, and third wish to postpone at least a little the appearance of these wrinkles at the corner of the eyes.

And yet. Who could argue, that the 20-somethings want a nice car and a beautiful girl, travels and adventures? That those in their 30s are more concerned with their family, career and home? Or that midlife crisis brings back the lure of the wild, strengthened by the life experience and the better finances of the man? 

True, material possessions are not that important for a man to feel good. At least they cannot compete with personal happiness, individuality and friends. But even the most orderly of lives needs some risks – and clothes, gadgets and fast cars which bring selfish pleasure.

M'Suit, BulgariaM'SUIT: Unconditional aesthetics
For quite a while, the male elegance has not been a question of merely haute couture but also one of lifestyle, individuality, freedom. In the last 15 years M'SUIT (Sofia, Serdika Centre floor 1, phone: 0882 097 777; www.m-suit.com) has been a symbol to all this. The brand offers its own line of high quality suits and accessories, and a rich variety of clothes by European designers. Made entirely of natural materials, the M'SUIT's collections are a trove of colours, cut-outs and sizes, responding to the individual taste of every man with a sense of style and comfort. One of M'SUIT 's secrets is the personal attitude towards the customer. The qualified consultants in the brand shops do not sell clothes – they maintain long term relationships with clients. And probably this is why the luxurious yet affordable M'SUIT outfits have been favoured by Bulgarian public figures and connoisseurs of elegance. You'll find the M'SUIT collections in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

Foot Court, BulgariaFOOT COURT: The best sports shoes in one place
Two of the biggest sneaker distributors in Bulgaria joined forces and created what is currently one-of-a-kind store in Sofia. FOOT COURT
(79 Vitosha Blvd, phone: 0885 462 446) is a place where you will find your new favourite pair of sneakers without wasting time digging in the multitude online stores. Besides there is no better way of buying your sneakers than the old school way – holding them, trying them on and leaving the store with the brand new box in your hands. In Foot Court you'll find New Balance, Nike, ASICS, Supra, VANS and K1X, as well as streetwear & sportswear brands like UNDEFEATED, Majestic Athletic, Urban Classics and New Era.

Aggressor, BulgariaAGGRESSOR FASHION HOUS: Stylish, modern, impressive
A general truth: the nice suit is important. Few things leave a better impression of a man than a masterfully tailored suit of quality materials which makes his owner's personality to stand out. The men's suits of AGGRESSOR FASHION HOUSE – Asenovgrad (www.aggressorbg.com) posses all these qualities. The brand offers a rich collection of men's suits for all occasions. Stylish and elegant, sometimes slightly provocative, the Aggressor suits accentuate your best self regardless of whether you have opt for the youthful sport line or the classical male elegance. To finish the look, Aggressor has suitable shirts and ties, as well as the opportunity for you to have a custom-made suit.

Palankasov, BulgariaPALANKASOV: Custom made individuality
It's not often that you can find among the ready to wear apparel an elegant garment that would satisfy your expectations of quality, style and fit of the clothing. That is why tailor-made clothes give confidence and serves as an expression of style, individuality and high status. If you value style and the way you look and feel, trust the professionals from PALANKASOV'S atelier (Sofia, 98 Vitosha Blvd, phone: 0885 171 321, www.palankasov.com), as a number of well known faces already did. Get in touch with Mr. Palankasov, and you will receive a personal attention in a day and time that is suitable for you.

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