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Add more value to hot days by taking care of your appearance

When a friend of mine told me that she had bought a new swimming suit, it was natural for me to ask when she was taking the suit for a walk down the beach. But she answered that she probably won't ever put it on in public. Why? She considered herself too rotund.

Is there someone who has not gone through the same train of thought at least once with the high summer ahead? Definitely not. Things could be drastically different, though, if we simply take the time to change the image in the mirror – or the one in our heads. The sunshine beckons, as do the tantalising waves that lap on the beach, and it would be a shame to miss all of this just because you don't want to expose yourself to the public. Instead buckle up and start planning for the holiday – improvement procedures included.

After the rise in optimism that comes with spring and with promising new diets that ought to guarantee at least ten kilos weight loss for five weeks, there comes the crash of disappointment. The diets fail spectacularly. The pointer of the scales has barely moved – perhaps even in the undesirable direction. What is there to be done? Certainly that doesn't mean that you should barricade yourself at home. Use the optical tricks of long dresses and flowing tunics to cover up unwanted curves, and drape a scarf on your figure at the beach. While you may imagine that people would be staring at you, there is actually only one person who is obsessed with every detail of your appearance, and that is yourself. If you let it go and decide to be entertained and act naturally, there is not even going to be the one.

In case you do believe improvements are necessary, there are several ways to go about them. One little thing can spoil your desire to go out in your best clothes and enjoy the attention – identify the problem and see what steps must be taken. Do you feel you are out-of-date regarding the summer fashion? Window shopping is the best way to catch up to the tendencies and plan the additions to refresh your wardrobe. Pick floral prints, light sandals, denim shorts and simple shirts. Long, flowing dresses are a hit this season, and there are models for every figure – don't give up easily. Cosmetic studios are a good stop for whatever imperfections you wish to remove – body hair, chipped nails, rough skin, and even moles.

Improve your satisfaction with your image at the Еsthetic Surgery Еsthetic Medicine medical centre. The head of the centre Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev is an internationally renowned specialist in esthetic surgery and medicine. At the centre you can work on your whole face, have a lifting on your posterior and your breasts with no visible scars. Procedures offered at the clinic are of high quality, with quick and effective performance, and do not require long recovery periods. This is due to the special suture techniques of Prof. Seredev - unique methods in cosmetic surgery for total beautifying with the use of perforation points, which leave no scars. To get into the spirit of summer, book yourself beauty treatments for a makeover. A drastic change in hairstyle lets you reinvent yourself as a new person and gives you the freedom for more fun. Think of how you have always wanted to look and then consult the specialists to make sure the results come out all right – at the beauty studio in Centralni Hali you will get sound advice and professional approach. The studio offers a rich choice of hair treatments as well as facial procedures, manicure and hair removal, so you can polish up quickly and efficiently.

Summer is also the best season to take care of any lingering chronic conditions, since this is the time when the organism can recover most quickly. You don’t have to travel to renowned spa results in order to get the good results – it’s just a matter of finding the right therapy. In case you suffer from bronchial asthma, sinusitis, torn meniscus or joint conditions, several procedures of light therapy give you a marked difference. Thanks to the Bioptron-2 technology, approved by the European Union in 2008, recovery will come in two or three weeks with improvement of bronchial and heart activity, vegetative nervous system and reduction of allergic inflammation. Light therapy is applicable to many conditions and has no side effects; the specialists of the Viva centre can attest to that.

If you want to return the youthful and healthy appearance of your skin, you need to remove the old surface layer which is unable to prevent moisture loss or to defend the skin from the aggressive environment. It also prevents the healthy cells beneath it to function properly. You can stimulate and regenerate the whole epidermis with systematic and delicate removal of the upper skin layer, after such treatment the epidermis becomes thinner but also better structured, strong, elastic and with higher concentration of the natural moisture factor. Aiming to achieve this result, dermatologists usually apply fruit acids peels. At home you can substitute with glycolic acid creams or mixtures of fruit acids.

Sweet Skin System is a new Italian range of 11 products using which you can acquire the results of a professional fruit acids peel at home without any side effects. How to understand whether the Sweet Skin System line is the proper treatment for you? Do you have noticed the appearance of your first wrinkles? Is your skin oily and with black spots? Is the colour of your face unpleasantly uneven? Do you dream to stop ageing?

If the answer of any of these questions is "Yes," the Sweet Skin System products are just for you. They will not only enhance your good looks, but will also make you healthier. The Sweet Skin System products contain a number of active ingredients: moisturising agents, antioxidants, vitamins and plant extracts which - thanks to their glycolic acid content working as a conductor, - can reach to deepest skin levels. This makes the Sweet Skin System products more effective than the analogical rejuvenating products which does not contain fruit acids.

When is it possible to see the effect of using the Sweet Skin System home-care line? Most of the women find that their skin has become softer, shinier and calmer even after the first procedure.

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