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Improvements in your appearance are both easy and cheap

Complete happiness is unattainable, and as a result you are not always perfectly satisfied at your morning look into the mirror. But if you find yourself frowning more often than not, it may be time to stage an intervention, if only for your peace of mind. Your appearance contributes to a significant portion of your self-esteem, and although you shouldn’t stake your worth on it, it never hurts to give it a boost – especially if your health gets the benefits as well.

Beauty does come from the inside, so you need to pay special attention to your style of life in order to keep fit and attractive. Don't let the appeals for a healthier and more mobile routine go over your head. Physical activity gives you a three-fold benefit: it is one of the best ways to detox quickly, keep in shape and raise the level of the serotonin, the neurotransmitter that promotes a sense of well-being. You don't need to make grandiose plans of fitness visits every day or long jogging marathons. Try the simple way instead – walk home from work for at least some of the distance, climb the stairs, take a walk in the park with the dog. When you seamlessly blend the activity in your everyday life, then you won't have to force yourself to do it and effort you expend will be very minimal.

Good food is crucial to your health, since additives and enhancers clog vital organs such as the liver and heart. This is true even with vegetables and fruit, where crops receive a hefty dosage of pesticides and growth-stimulating solutions, and it gets worse in the case of animal products. To avoid the worst of food industry, invest in clean and organically grown vegetables such as those produced by the Bulgarian organic grower Gimel. Bulgarian soil is especially beneficial to organic farming, so the company takes advantage of it and the good climate conditions to grow a big range of the essentials, including cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach and a lot of summer vegetables as peppers, green bean, maize, zucchini and herbs. The fresh and clean vegetables carry the necessary vitamins and minerals to the body into optimal conditions, and with regular use you will be able to spot the difference in your energy level.

When it comes to rediscovering the pure taste of natural products, the Harmonica organic yoghurt is probably the most remarkable example – it is made from clean milk from cows roaming the mountain meadows, in certified organic dairy farms and with minimal processing to ensure the natural texture and preserved fat content. The creamy result is reminiscent of the taste of home-produced Bulgarian yoghurt as it is still made in small villages, but Harmonica is much more accessible in many shops throughout the cities.

Get some extra energy for your body by letting go of some old and unhealthy habits. Forgo the coffee and switch to tea instead – a drink no less rich in caffeine, but infinitely more beneficial to the body. Especially when the tea is organic, as the case may be with Tea Team. The company offers more than 200 sorts of loose tea and ten percent of them are certified bio production. Imported from Hamburg, the tea carries very high quality and a whiff of the exotic – so that throughout your day you can have a refined drink to boost your organism and think of foreign lands.

Forget the harsh diets that only keep you dissatisfied. They are unlikely to have long-term effect on your appearance, and you will be unhappy in the process. Your quality of eating directly reflects on the biochemistry and has the potential to create a feeling of well-being, when you eat regularly and healthy, or make you think you're going through hell trying to survive on a couple of apples and no carbohydrates. When you establish a good meal routine with quality food and a certain amount of physical activity, you will gradually drift toward your natural body type. However critical you may be, these are your optimal looks – and it shows in the healthy glow you have when you take good care of yourself.

Still, it happens that you think you will be better off with a few modifications. Using the advantages of modern cosmetic surgery, you can make subtle alterations to your body and face in a quick and pain-free way. Choose a renowned specialist such as Dr Anton Tonev, who has specialised in France in the area of breast augmentation – one of the most sought-after surgical procedures. His centre, which has branched out in Sofia and Plovdiv, provides minimally-invasive procedures such as botox injections, fillers and non-needle mesotherapy for various areas of the face and body. It is not easy to take the first step and find your way among the multitude of options and possibilities, but Dr Tonev and his staff can take you through it with fine medical service and the utmost respect to your wishes and privacy.

When you look for solutions to the problem of beauty, don't ignore the environment. Bulgaria, which is a major producer of rose oil for the cosmetic industry, offers top-range products with the precious extracts. The beauty line of Dit Commerce is accordingly named "Rose Line" and combines rose oil and coenzyme Q10 to stimulate rejuvenation and removal of wrinkles. The day and night cream protect your skin round the clock, leaving it soft and supple, while lip balm and hair mask give an extra boost to your appearance. If age is a sore topic with you, pick the "Silver Line" with almond oil, vitamin E and silver ions. The creams are quick to absorb into the skin and work from there, while the anti-age eye cream applies hyaluronic acid exactly where necessary to remove the traces of time.

There are certainly ways to improve your visage that you don't know yet, but the specialists can find out for you. Trust the experienced and knowledgeable staff at DermaSofia clinic to work out how to showcase your best – whether with laser rejuvenation procedures, fillers and botox injections, or mesotherapy to remove the skin tiredness and cellulite. Their medical services can rid you of dermatological problems and do wonders for your hair, including taking care of hair and scalp conditions.

Health and Beauty Center Kristalia takes care to achieve health on the inside and beauty on the outside. The beauty is a condition of health, confidence and harmony with the outer world. The combination of methods of Western European physical medicine, Eastern Chinese medicine and esthetic physiotherapy, as well as the highly qualified team of doctors and physiotherapists, make your stay pleasant and calm searching for health and beauty, without pain or tension and with complete trust. The centre works with highly specialised and modern apparatus by approved methods, keeping to the medical standards and the good medical practice, while using an individual approach to every visitor. The guiding principle is that when you take care of your health, the beauty shall follow naturally.

It doesn't take much to achieve a good figure and get rid of the winter weight that stubbornly sticks to you. It takes just a Power Plate, the fitness equipment of celebrities such as Madonna, Sting, Elle Macferson and others. Ten to fifteen minutes a day on the vibrating platform strip calories faster than you would believe – especially beneficial for those who spend their whole day bending over desks or say that they don't have time for luxuries like exercising. And in order to see the effect for yourself, visit one of the two showrooms of Sante BG and book a try on the company's website.

The coming summer is the best time to flaunt your new self. In order to get ready, book your cosmetic procedures in time – hair removal, wrinkle smoothing, treatment of cellulite and visible capillaries. All this and more you can find at the MediDerma clinic in Plovdiv, where the latest technologies join forces with trained specialists to make you look your best. There are complex treatments for acne, hair loss, and pigmentation, along with dermatological lasers, mesotherapy, peelings and fillers, resurfacing and rejuvenating procedures. This way you can stop putting off your beach appearance, or shying from your best outfits, and instead start enjoying the attention.

Keeping your appearance up to scratch is much easier when you are surrounded by beautiful things, such as the sensual aroma of handmade soaps. Try the varieties that Freen has on offer, which are with organic essential oils and enriched with aloe vera. Together with the natural fragrant palm wax candles and essential oils, this can turn your home into a paradise of relaxation.

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