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Glamorous looks are simpler to achieve than you think
Trends or style? The dilemma between buying out the latest big-name collections or sticking to your preferred clothes continues to bug us every time the fashion season changes. The answer is somewhere in the middle. While there are classic outfits that work for your frame and build, trends give you an up-to-date look – as long as you don't follow blindly, but choose the parts that accentuate the best of your appearance.

Sometimes the ideas of what you want to look like are outdated and just don't work anymore. This can have bad effect on your appearance, making you look like a thing from the past. In truth, it is difficult to find the latest fashion trends in Bulgaria. The market here sticks to odd rules like popularising patterns and cuts very different from the runways in Western Europe. Very often you can take a walk down the high street and see every other woman wearing the same model of faux fur jacket, checked skirt or ankle boots. Correspondingly, most of the stores carry only items that are "high fashion" at the moment. Some brands that carry genuine style have started to set up shops, but for now you can find them mainly in the big cities.

A complete fashion makeover – that is something many women dream of. Movies like The Devil Wears Prada and Pretty Woman got their blockbuster status partly because of the belief that every woman can start out as a grey mouse and end up a fashion princess. Doing your own makeover step by step sounds daunting, especially to people who believe they have no fashion sense. It's actually just a combination of a critical eye and a mirror.

Start by stripping your wardrobe of things you are not going to wear. Often we hold on to clothes that don't fit anymore because they carry some strong memory, or because we keep promising ourselves that we are going to lose weight. Be realistic: this is probably not going to happen, so say good-bye to your favourite pencil skirt. After a strict selection, discard the mediocre items; if you leave them in your wardrobe, you may get back into the habit of wearing them.

On a trip to the shops arm yourself with the patience to choose the best clothes and be selective. Pick and buy with an eye to the wardrobe you already have – combine items in your imagination, or fit them with your accessories to get the final idea. In case you are not sure the outfit looks good on you, take a picture of yourself in it and move on. Later, when you come upon it, you can be more objective. Deciding on your own style can be a hard task. If you don't feel confident in your own ability to select clothes and accessories, take a professional's advice. Desislava Dimitrova of Stilissimo designer studio helps you with a wardrobe makeover, fashion advice, finding the best trends for you and even with shopping. In case you need that last-minute birthday present for a friend, or simply don't have the time to swing by the shop for official black shoes, all you need to do is specify the budget and your preferences, and Stilissimo will take care of the rest.


If you want to look glamorous, don't stick to all the rules in the fashion books. Style is made up of the element of surprise – little touches like contrasting accessories, luxurious fabrics and unexpected cuts leave an indelible impression of you. Experiment with things you have never dared do before, like wearing a satin dress at work or picking out extravagant hats. The world of accessories is out there: make use of belts, scarves, handbags and sunglasses.

Dress code at work need not prevent you from wearing fashionable and good-looking clothes. Business style does not necessarily mean boring – the best example of this is German fashion brand APART. Its exclusive feminine design and love of detail makes the classic cuts unique and personally yours. The fabrics are natural and stylish, answering your refined taste and the need to look your absolute best in every occasion. The brand has business, casual and evening lines, which are accompanied by all the accessories you need to complete your appearance: shoes, handbags, belts and jewellery.

Take the chance to renew your wardrobe before everyone else – the winter collection is in the brand stores as soon as September.

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