Every woman yarns for beauty, health and joy of life; today it is easy to have these all
To loose weight. To start doing yoga. To spend more time with my family. To visit Nepal at last. New Year's resolutions are a tradition in which we take part with particular pleasure and enthusiasm, although we are well aware…
Christmas is the time in the year when receiving and giving presents is sweeter than ever, even than on birthdays.
There is hardly a season that we anticipate with such impatience as summer. This is the time when clothes and mood are light, and dreams seem feasible. But when we want the summer to be even better, we need to…
Happiness makes woman beautiful, but even the happiest woman needs additional help from specialists to unleash her full glamour. Then what about the rest of us, who every day brave the challenges of our fast-moving world, the need to balance…
Let 2017 begin with the best we can give as a present to ourselves and to the ones we love
Forget the troubles and immerse yourself in the joy of Christmas presents
Young, energetic and relaxed: it is easy to feel this way with the professional care of the growing sector of spa services in the country
In the search of the light of happiness and taste for life
Taking care of your appearance in the hot months is important
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