The Strandzha mountain is the largest protected area in Bulgaria, a universe of pristine nature with thick century-old forests, clean rivers and exciting culture and historical heritage.
From small business meetings to large corporate parties and personal events, Toma's Bakery will create for your guests handmade and uniquely delicious savoury and sweet delicacies, after traditional French recipes, served with style and a lot of personal attitude towards…
Marista inherits the royal descent and magnificent quality of Rosa Otto and enriches it with advanced environment friendly technologies. Marista's name is derived from a motivating and heart-warming family story about strive for excellence and a lifelong love.
Zabardo Hunting Preserve is in the heart of the beautiful Rhodope mountains. It is located 60 kms from Plovdiv, where is the closest airport, and 15 kms from Chepelare. The altitude is between 800 and 1,500 m.
The Italian fashion brand Sandro Ferrone debuted in the Two Women movie, when it dressed Sophia Loren. Since then the brand has been a symbol of elegance for women of all ages and sizes. Vanya Tsolova, representative for Bulgaria for…
High technologies make hunting more different and exciting.
The quality of e Lek products is based on the power of Nature.
Doroteya Filipova and Adelina Popova – how to be the unconventional consultant
Positive white energy made this 7 July a magical day. Over 500 guests went to 10 secrets meetings and from there were guided to the location of the 2019 White Dinner event: Sofia Tech Park.
Nature has its own taste and fragrance. We, at Healthy Oils, gather in our products the benefits of nature's gift and offer them to you in pure form – 100% natural, without additives, preservatives or solvents. We carefully select our raw…
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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One of Bulgaria's top intellectuals, Georgi Lozanov, is a familiar face to Vagabond readers. A philosopher and a media expert with many years as a leading member of the National...

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