There are stories that wait for their time to be told… Such is the story of the Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis, the ancient predecessor of modern Plovdiv.
The nature of work is changing – and dramatically so. Automation and AI have made some jobs obsolete. People increasingly work on tasks that require creativity and innovation and positive business outcomes are strongly correlated to employee engagement.
Bulgaria is among the three world leaders in production and export of black caviar. This is possible thanks to its natural resources and the good technology for farming of sturgeon in our fish farms. We, twins Emil and Mladen Arabadziev,…
Todor Popov – Data Scientist at Cobuilder tells the story behind the establishment of the organisation's Machine Learning team. Today, the team has successfully developed a solution that reduces manual work by 60% and helps the company deliver value to its…
NEW EVENT is an agency specializing in a broad-spectrum event management. Backed up by a team of inspired, creative and dedicated professionals, the agency sets itself up for a mission to satisfy every client, creating the most wonderful of events.
When exclusive quality is the leading light of your life, your new address can be at Multifunctional complex San Stefano Plaza.
Ani Krusteva, Manager Human Resources at the Bulgarian office of the company, on how big data can improve the experience
The sector turned the country into an European leader in the field of high technologies
When you want an excellent result, start with the most important – choose a good professional
October 2019, just west off Business Park Mladost, meters away from Arena Cinema. The name: Pulse Fitness & Spa Mladost. The most advanced club in the Pulse family officially opened for its first members with a grandiose party on 18…
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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Blagovest Kirilov, CEO of OutsourceBG Services and Hiring Ltd, on the face of contemporary outsourcing

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